FREE February Calendar Printable: 24 Cute Calendar Designs for February 2023

Looking for a cute February calendar? Look no further!

The shortest month of the year is coming full of love, bringing the warmth of wine, and winking us for the upcoming spring.

It is time to plan romantic surprises and we have designed a calendar with a spacious grid and pretty layouts.

Do not miss a birthday occasion or any other event this month with these gorgeous February calendars.

These calendars can be used anywhere from your home office, kitchen, and even work office desk. Just pick the design you like the most and print them out absolutely for FREE.

Our free printables are available as an instant download file, with no strings attached – that means there is no need to give up your email to download these.

Are you ready to plan with love in February?

Scroll down below to choose your favorite design from one of our four collections, and check the printing and download instructions if you need a bit of technical help.

At the end of the article, we have also included important dates and events for February 2023, which you might want to add to your calendar right away.

Important: All of these calendars have been designed in high-quality PDF print. The calendars are available in standard US letter size but are easily expandable to other formats such as A4 or smaller. Check the printing instructions below for resizing tips. These PDF files are not editable.

Terms of Use of our February Calendars: These printables are for personal use only and cannot be distributed or shared online or as a hard copy. Please see the end of the post for full license terms.

What is a printable? Printable is a digital file that you can download to your computer and print at home, on your own printer.

Our February Calendar Collection for 2023

Our collection of printable calendars for 2023 comes with a brand new range of cool designs, in four unique collections, only available at!

Let us introduce you to them!

February 2023 Calendar Designs:

  • Watercolor Collection – 6 unique February calendars with artistic watercolor background
  • Minimalist Collection – 6 February calendars with a minimalist look and a splash of color
  • Boho Collection – warm colors in 6 designs and pretty effects
  • Wild Foliage Collection – bold blooms and plants featured in 6 different designs
February Calendar

Download Instructions for February Calendars

  1. Choose which design of our calendars you like the most
  2. Locate the download button under the collection image
  3. Click the download link – it opens up a new document where you can find a PDF with all 6 designs from the whole collection

Printing Instructions

To make sure your calendars come out looking beautiful from your printer, please follow these directions:

  • to be able to print these files, you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. If you don’t have it, you can download it for free here.
  • make sure your file format is set up correctly in your printer setting window
  • our calendars are set up as a selection of 6 pages on a single PDF file. If you only want to print one specific calendar from the file, simply choose the page number you want in your printer setting
  • if you need to resize the document, adjust the size manually in the print setting window, making sure that the document still looks good in the preview
  • make sure you load up the correct size paper in your printer
  • to ensure your calendar is printed with nice crisp colors, choose the ‘best print quality’ options when setting up your printer
  • if you prefer black & white design, you can always pick one of our colored designs and select print in black & white on your printer

February Calendar 2023: Minimalist Collection

February Minimalist Collection has been designed with simplicity and elegance in mind. It features a very simple yet spacious grid for the February calendar and a section for monthly notes underneath.

It gives plenty of space to add, mark, and make notes on all important dates of the month.

February Minimalist Collection includes:

  • Plain black & white version
  • Mint green calendar
  • Dusty pink calendar
  • Light orange calendar
  • Dark orange calendar
  • Pink calendar
February Calendar

If you love clean and simple designs, you can get all of them in one single PDF file from the download link below.

DOWNLOAD HERE: All 6 Minimalist Calendar Designs in PDF File

February Calendar 2023: Boho Collection

For the ones who are looking for free vibes, and love earthy boho tones, we have designed a collection of 6 calendars inspired by the boho aesthetic.

They are elegant and aesthetic and feature beautiful simple graphic elements in trending colors, supplemented by a spacious grid for your February calendar.

Boho Collection calendars do not feature a section with notes.

Boho Collection includes:

  • Boho February 2023 calendar in dusty pink
  • Boho February 2023 calendar in earthy brown
  • Boho February 2023 calendar in light orange
  • Boho February 20223 calendar in rusty orange
  • Boho February 2023 calendar in salmon pink
  • Boho February 2023 calendar in clay brown
February Calendar

Do you love the designs from our boho collection?

You can download them all by following the link below – opens in a new tab.

DOWNLOAD HERE: All 6 designs from our Boho Collection in a single PDF File

February Calendar 2023: Watercolor Collection

If you are looking for more artistic calendar designs, our Watercolor Collection is something to get excited about!

Beautiful watercolor-inspired February calendars, to add a piece of art to your desk and office walls, in addition to your simple calendar.

The watercolor feature instantly elevates this simple calendar grid and provides a beautiful visual experience, no matter where you place your calendar.

We have designed gorgeous watercolor backgrounds in six different colors, so you can print multiple versions of this calendar for different uses – for example, one for your kitchen, one for your home office, one for your kids, etc.

To ensure the calendars come out as close as possible to the digital version, set your printer settings to the ‘best color’ setting, and print on good quality crisp white paper.

February Calendar

Love these cute watercolor February calendar designs for 2023?

Download them all in a single file from the link below – it opens in a new tab.

DOWNLOAD HERE: All 6 watercolor collection February calendars in a single PDF file

February Calendar 2023: Botanical Collection

And the sweetest part is coming at the end! Our wild foliage collection will please not just any botanical enthusiasts, plant parents, or fans of quirky calendars, but anyone who loves a good pop of color.

Designed with unique foliage in bright colors, these calendars are bound to bring a smile to your face every time you look at them.

Choose from six different designs, all available without a standard spacious grid for the February calendar, with a Sunday start.

February Calendar

Fancy getting these and printing them at home?

Follow the link below to download them all as a single PDF document.

DOWNLOAD HERE: Wild Foliage February 2023 calendars in a single PDF File

We hope you enjoyed this selection of calendars for February 2023!

Please also check below if you want to get the same design for the rest of the months of the year, some of these are available well in advance.

Major Holidays and Important Dates in February 2023

  • 2nd of February- Groundhog Day
  • 12th of February- Super Bowl
  • 14th of February- St. Valentine’s Day
  • 17th of February- Random Acts of Kindness Day
  • 20th of February- President’s Day
  • 22nd of February- National Margarita Day

Tips for Using Your Printable February Calendar for 2023

  • if you would like your calendar to last longer, or to protect it from damage, print it and laminate it
  • these calendars make a perfect family calendar – each family member can write their events in a dedicated color, to provide a quick glance at what’s happening in the family that month
  • you can print a few versions of the calendar for different uses – one to keep track of work commitments, another for family engagements, one for your kid’s activities, and so on
  • resize your calendar and add it to your binder for a quick month-at-a-glance overview
  • you can also use the calendar as a chore chart for your kids – print one sheet for each child and write chores you want them to complete on specific days

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Terms & Conditions, and Licence Terms:

These calendars are available for personal use only – it is strictly forbidden for these to be distributed physically or as digital files. If you are a publisher and would like to share these calendars with your audience, you can do so by linking to this article, not to the digital files themselves (also known as hot-linking)! It is strictly forbidden to offer these calendars as a free download for your audience, to give them out as a prize in giveaways, or to sell them.

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