7+ Fun Halloween Scavenger Hunt Games for Kids

Spooky Halloween, everyone!

In case you didn’t have time to plan everything for your Halloween party, or suddenly a bunch of kids came along with your guests, there are fun Halloween scavenger hunt games you can organize.

Having a Halloween party needs a lot of attention, and not least- time. Decorating your home, choosing the right Halloween costume, making the best scary menu and drinks can take all of your time.

And if the adults are happy to see themselves in funny, scary costumes, kids need a little more different entertainment.

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So in case you have special Halloween treats only for the little monsters, these ideas are coming just at the right time. Trick or treat? The choice is yours!

We wish you a spooktacular Halloween!

Halloween Candy Scavenger Hunt

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Games

This is the perfect Halloween Scavenger hunt game, especially you can go on a “trick or treat” tour of your neighbourhood. Every clue card gives you a treat. So, as many you found, as many treats in your basket.

Halloween Photo Scavenger Hunt

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Games

Get your cameras on, and take as many photos as you can. Of course, you need to follow the rules, and picture only the items from the list.

Graveyard Scavenger Hunt

What is the scariest place for Halloween? The graveyard of course. This game is ideal for daytime celebrations, and the participants need to identify gravestones with the right details to score a point

Craftivity Designs Scavenger Hunt

Traditional Halloween game for all family members. You can make it as a bingo game, and cross all the Halloween characters- from scary vampires to witch hats, and ghosts.

Pumpkin Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Games

One of the best Halloween scavenger hunt games not only for kids but for adults too. You need to find a scary pumpkin, a happy pumpkin, a painted pumpkin. Or how about a glowing, lit-up pumpkin?

Outdoor Halloween Scavenger Hunt

The perfect way to celebrate Halloween for everyone! Make your kids circle some specific details from the Halloween scene in your neighbourhood.

Halloween Decoration Scavenger Hunt

List different types of Halloween elements, and decoration objects. Your kids need to find as many as possible to get the treats.

Halloween Skeleton Scavenger Hunt

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Games

How scary is it to find skeleton bones in your closet? Super fun games that your kids would love. Hide all the skeleton pieces around your house, and let the best team wins.

Halloween Rhyme With A Clue Scavenger Hunt Games

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Games

” Spooky Ghost
All dressed in white.
I have a shade
And I light up the night. ”

Are you ready for scary, spooky riddles? Fantastic Halloween scavenger game that will challenge your kid’s imaginations.

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