How To Choose The Best Mattress To Give You Good Quality Sleep

The mattress is one of the most important items in your bedroom because it significantly affects your ability to sleep and the condition of your health. A lumpy mattress will cause you to twist and turn at night, resulting in sleep deprivation. Furthermore, getting less than seven hours of sleep regularly can weaken your immune system and increase your risks of acquiring diabetes and heart diseases.

The market is filled with different types of mattresses today, but you should always be careful in choosing one. If you’re eyeing to buy a Saatva mattress, for example, you should exert time to read the review of this mattress to know more about its specs. The more information you know about a specific mattress, the easier it’ll be for you to determine whether or not it’s the right match for your needs.

To help you out, here’s how you can choose the best mattress that could give you good quality sleep: 

Determine Your Budget 

The amount of money you’re going to spend on your mattress is an important deciding factor. Sure, buying a mattress is important, but no one would choose to spend their years’ worth of savings for this purchase. Ideally, the mattress you’ll buy should allow you to sleep with ease and not cause long-term financial stress. 

When setting a budget for your mattress, consider the following guidelines:

  • Don’t always go for the cheapest: Everyone loves a bargain, but this shouldn’t be your priority when buying a mattress. A cheap mattress is usually made from substandard materials that will get damaged just months after your purchase and even cause allergies.  
  • A higher price doesn’t mean the better quality either: Contrary to popular belief, the most expensive mattress in a store doesn’t always translate to being the best mattress.  
  • USD$1000 for a queen size and USD$1500 for a king size mattress is ideal: This price range is often enough for you to buy the best queen and king size mattresses. As long as you’re careful with your search, you’ll be able to find a high-quality and durable mattress within this price range.  

Choose Your Ideal Type And Material

Mattresses are now made from a myriad of different materials. All of these materials come with pros and cons, which is why it’s best if you do some research before heading out to buy one.

Salespersons will always convince you to buy an expensive mattress, and if you don’t know how the materials differ from each other, you’ll likely end up buying the wrong mattress. 
Some of the mattresses you can find in the market today are made from the following materials:

  • Innerspring or coils: This is one of the most traditional materials used for mattresses and is known to be the cheapest as well. Innerspring mattresses can last for decades and are best for people who want strong support, cooling, and great bounce.  
  • Latex: Latex mattresses are becoming more and more popular today because of their ability to cool the body throughout the night and provide optimal comfort. If you want a mattress that has a good bounce and is responsive, then, you should buy a latex mattress. 
  • Memory foam: Originally, memory foams were developed by NASA to protect their pilots and passengers during plane crashes. Fast forward to the 21st century, and memory foams are now used by the Average Joes because of their ability to provide superior comfort to the entire body. Memory foams also have a motion isolation capability that allows you to sleep undisturbed regardless of how the person sleeping next to you moves around.  
  • Hybrid: Hybrid mattresses are the unusual combination of memory foam and traditional spring mattresses. This type of mattress is great for people who are looking for body contouring features.  

Assess Your Sleeping Position

The mattress you’ll pick should support your sleeping position. Buying a mattress that doesn’t provide support to your spine when you’re fond of sleeping in your back will only put money down the drain. This kind of mattress can also cause body pain and disrupt your sleep.

Consider the following pointers so you’ll end up with a mattress that best fits your sleeping position:

  • For back sleepers: Back sleepers need support and firmness. If you sleep this way, look for a medium-firm mattress, or one that scores 5-7 in the firmness scale. 
  • For side sleepers: People who often sleep on their sides should look for a softer mattress that can properly support their shoulders and hip joints. For side sleepers, a medium-soft mattress or one that has firmness levels of 3-6 works best. 
  • For stomach sleepers: Stomach sleepers should use a mattress that provides equal weight distribution. If you’re a stomach sleeper, settle for a medium to medium-firm mattress, or one that has 5-7 range in the firmness scale.

Make Careful Decisions

If you’re buying a mattress for the first time, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the number of options available today. 

But, because your choice of mattress can affect your overall health, it’s not enough to just settle for the first one that you come across. Instead, you should carefully scrutinize your options so you’ll know the best mattress that suits your needs.

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