6 Fun Outdoor Kids Party Activity Ideas

Planning your child’s party can be much easier if you focus on outdoor fun. Excited kids full of energy can be disastrous for the inside of your house.

If it’s possible, moving your party to the yard can help you create bigger fun and give your kids and their guests a great outdoor experience. 

When you plan games and activities for your child’s party that are outside, you don’t have to worry about making a mess.

In fact, you might want to encourage the kids to get a bit messy with fun painting and water balloon activities. 

Whether your kids want you to rent a foam machine or you want to design a Scavenger Hunt, there are endless outdoor options. Let’s take a closer look at a few fun outdoor party activities for kids. 

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Tie Dye Party

There are no limits when you introduce some tie dye creative fun at your party, from shirts to beach towels.

Let your kids get creative with tie-dye kits you can find at any craft store. You can To dry their tie-dye creations, hang them on a clothesline with plenty of clothespins.

You can send your guests home with some groovy skills and a new shirt.

Outdoor Movie

With the help of a projector and a bedsheet, you can create a space where you can watch a movie, cuddled up under the stars.

You can give out glow rods to light up the night and provide popcorn and candy for movie snacks. Spread out a few blankets or some chairs for the kids to get comfortable. 

Bubble Bash

Blowing bubbles is magical, and kids and their parents can enjoy this party. Bubble machines can be set up while kids play with specialty wands to make bubbles of all sizes and shapes.

You can try using a hula hoop to create gigantic bubbles, or fill your squirt guns with bubbles and watch the suds soar.

Squirt Gun Painting

At an artsy party, kids can channel their inner Michelangelo. Those messy arts and crafts your kids have been wanting to try are now available to them.

Let kids get crafty with paint trays and squirt guns and personalized canvas targets. They can also make slime and play with it.

Garden Party

Garden parties let kids practice their green thumbs by decorating pots and planting flowers or succulents. Kids can play with soil and gardening tools in sensory bins.

Send home small watering cans filled with seeds and small gardening tools as a gift..

Glow In The Dark Party

The excitement of a Glow In The Dark party starts as soon as the sun goes down, so it’s great for older kids. You should have lots of glow sticks on hand that can be worn as necklaces, headbands, or bracelets.

You can add a glow stick to a balloon to help decorate the party area or float in the pool. You can even let your older kids get creative with glow-in-the-dark paints.

If you have a kids’ party coming up this spring, take a look at some of these fun outdoor ideas. From a foam party to getting artsy with water guns, you can find the perfect outdoor activities for your next party. 

Julie Higgins
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