7 Protein-Rich Breakfasts to Power Your Mornings

Most of the world knows that the first meal of the day, i.e., your breakfast is extremely important. Breakfast is derived from the phrase “breaking the fast” as there’s a long gap of almost 8-10 hours since you last had your meal. This is when your body is craving nutrition, and you do not want to fill it up with something crappy and junky.

In recent days, the world is eventually starting to fathom the importance of protein in our meals, in our daily consumption, and how important it is for our overall well-being.

Each of us has different protein requirements and it is important to meet them every day. The requirements primarily depend upon your gender, age, activity, lifestyle, weight, and more.

All that being said, it is very important you start your day with a protein-rich meal. Not only does this help you in meeting your protein requirement, but it also keeps you full for longer as protein takes longer to digest.

So below, I have compiled a list of my personal protein-rich breakfast items that are not only easy to prepare but also keep me healthy, all year round.

protein-rich breakfasts

1.    Bean Bowl

The key ingredients in the bean bowl are beans, of any type, and eggs. I usually prefer kidney beans or rajma. Alongside these two, you can also add your favorite veggies. I personally go for tomatoes and avocado, and salsa.

This makes it really nutritious, and of course, the beans and eggs help you meet your protein requirement. This dish helps tick all the boxes, be it with the calories, taste, et. You also don’t feel too full or bloated, instead, you feel light and tight.

2.    Eggs and Cheese

Eggs, ham, cheddar cheese along a glass of milk (almond, soy, or cow) are a very common breakfast worldwide. However, just because it is common, doesn’t make this dish of less importance.

In fact, in normal servings, this breakfast offers you up to 23 grams of protein, keeping you full for longer. Besides, who doesn’t like eggs and cheese?

3.    Breakfast Bars

Breakfast bars if chosen right can be a full-fledged breakfast. Plus, these bars are very tasty, easily available in most supermarkets, and fill your system up, with all the protein, carbs, and fats you require in a meal.

They are made of so many healthy ingredients like oats, bananas, peanut butter, a variety of seeds, and whatnot. Top your bar with natural peanut butter, and see how it makes you drool. Sure thing, that it will keep you full in the mornings.

4.    Chorizo Breakfast Bowl

No one knows why this recipe is called what it is called. But in simple terms, this recipe requires you to put together sausages, black beans, eggs, sweet potatoes, and avocado.

Inspired from Mexico as you can see, this dish is quite heavy, protein-rich, and extremely tasty. Add the spices you want and this dish will surely give you a run for your money.

5.    Scrambled or Feta Eggs

Honestly, I have hardly come across anyone who doesn’t like this dish. Easy to prepare, easier to eat. Top it with your favorite veggies like tomatoes, onions, capsicum, and bell peppers. You can also pair it with a glass of fruit/vegetable juice.

6.    Paleo Hash

If only you could see how incredibly attractive this dish looks, you would have made it for breakfast every morning. The key ingredients in this dish are chicken sausage, chorizo sausage, and eggs along with zucchini, and spinach.

Now you can see for yourself why this dish is so protein-rich but more importantly, it’s so delicious that you will vouch for it!

7.    Avocado Bowl

Breakfast bowls have been quite a trend these days. And, the last item on this list is the avocado breakfast bowl that consists primarily of red quinoa, eggs, avocado, and feta cheese.

It meets your protein demands very easily, is easy to prepare, and is super tasty.

Over to you…

The fact that you understand how important healthy food is to your body and the role protein-rich breakfasts play in it will already make you win half the battle. Try the above recipes, and you will never long for that junk again. I repeat, NEVER!

Julie Higgins
Julie is a Staff Writer at momooze.com. She has been working in publishing houses before joining the editorial team at momooze. Julie's love and passion are topics around beauty, lifestyle, hair and nails.