Single Moms and Dating: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Single moms are a great catch when it comes to finding a life partner. Well, not always but a good portion is positive. And, like in everything in this world, there is a good, a bad and an ugly side to it.

A lot of single moms have had blows on their self-esteem, they think no one would accept them because they come with extra baggage. Some have gone through so much, they become very independent to the point of not needing a man to take care of them.

But, what really is it like to even consider putting single moms and dating in the same plate?

A Redditor has posted a question a few years ago asking if other Redditors if they would date a single mom. It has garnered thousands of reply from not only single men but from single moms and dads as well.

To say the least, their responses varied based on their personal preferences and social data but as stated, there are good, bad and ugly sides to this. Check out some of their responses.

Would You Date a Single Mom?

The Good

single moms

This guy seems to have his head screwed on tight. This is might very well be the best way to see if your potential future partner will become a great mother.

I absolutely agree with this guy. You can date a woman with no kids and have the same rocky relationship you would have with a single mom. It’s not about whether the woman has kids or not. It’s either you or the woman who can’t make the relationship work.

Awwww! This guy might just be the man most decent single moms are looking for!

Sometimes it’s not the mom that makes or breaks the deal. Sometimes it’s the guy’s own immaturity and fear of getting in too deep.

This is a pretty picture with a happy ending. It would have been prettier though if the mom continued to be in the picture. But, we can’t help but be happy for the child. She now has a dad to care for her like she was his own.

This pretty much sums up my mom’s life. My stepdad dated and married her despite the fact that he was getting all three of her daughters as well. Best decision they’ve made and our lives would have been so depressingly different if he didn’t become a part of it.

The things single moms have gone through forces them to mentally mature – which is something you can’t get from a well-kept single woman who has not experienced life’s bitterness. A lot, not all, of single moms are more grounded which is a bonus especially if the guys isn’t just there yet. 😊

The Bad

single moms

While this isn’t entirely a negative thing, it’s quite disappointing to know that a lot of men are not responsible enough or emotionally ready to help raise a child. Kudos to this guy for admitting this, though.

At least his reasoning is not for selfish reasons but for the welfare of the child. I completely agree with this. Spare the child the unnecessary heartache that makes him lose regard for father figures.

Sad to say but these fears are legit. Guys have no choice but to feel them. Then again, it’s probably exactly the same for women and single dads.

I just can’t help but shake my head at the stupidity of a lot of people. Take this guy for example. Letting his other head decide his dates.

I respect his honesty. If you don’t planning on having a child of your own, why take on a the responsibility of taking care of someone else’s, right?

Clearly this guy does not like kids. But if fate wills him to have children of his own, he’s sure to change his opinion of kids.

The Ugly

single moms

If a guy is “fighting” with a child for a your attention then something must be loose in that head of his. It’s a child for Pete’s sake. If a man does not have enough confidence in his worth in a family relationship, count on him to be the jealous crazy type where all other interactions with men aside from him is considered cheating.

Can’t blame him for being wary of single moms but that’s the ugly truth. Though you do not want to stereotype all single moms, you can’t help but be extra cautious because of all the other similar situations you see around you.

Age does not make you more intelligent or more irresponsible. Mistakes can happen at any age. To think that a woman who is a single mom at an age less than 25 has poor judgement makes you prejudice. You can make tons of mistake at a prime age of 40. Does that mean you have poor judgment, too? No. It makes you human.

Plain and simply wrong. No other words. Just wrong.

If you’re a single mom, don’t date a guy who’s open to dating single moms just because he doesn’t have any other choice. He may think that he doesn’t have a choice, but YOU have a choice so make it for you and your child. 😊

I certainly hope karma doesn’t bite this guy in the ass and give him an offspring who has a mental disability. Actually, I just hope karma would spare a child the horor of having a guy like this for a father. He shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce if he thinks this way about kids.

I may have just lost a bit of respect for the male species. Women, single mother or not, are not pieces of meat.

Single moms and dads who make things work, make ends meet, fulfill their dream and perform the role of both mother and father all at the same time are heroes in my eyes.

It takes a strong person to run and keep a household by herself. She does not need a man by her side because she can’t do it but because she also needs the love and support only a partner can give.

Sure, some of them are not qualified to be mothers but to those who are trying their best for their kids, I applaud you.

Your strength is unlike any other and you don’t need a man to keep doing what you’re doing. The right one will come and your world will be so much brighter.

Just remember, making a mistake does not define your worth as a person. Never settle for less!

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