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Sugar-free homemade treats are usually a no-no for our kids’ palates. They think because it’s sugar-free or has less sugar it wouldn’t taste as good. To be honest, they wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Chocolate chip cookies will still taste good to them even if you use sugar-free chocolate chips.

Adults might be able to tell but it wouldn’t make much of a difference to your kids. Unless you make cookies with some kind of vegetable and take the color of the vegetable.

But why are we considering feeding our kids their favorite treats with less or no sugar? Two words: sugar rush. According to some research, just because it’s sugar-free doesn’t mean it will not hike up the blood sugar levels. Some store-bought sugar-free items still spike up the sugar levels. It’s not only sugar that boosts sugar content in the body – carbs and protein also affect the sugar levels.

So, if you’re thinking it will eliminate sugar rush, you’re in for a surprise. I’m gonna tell you ahead that sugar-free treats will not prevent sugar rush completely. It will decrease the hyperactivity but not enough to completely suppress it. Even though, these treats are impeccably good.

Homemade Treats with Less Sugar

1Crispy Rice Treats

homemade treats

The usual rice crispies would contain refined sugar or high fructose corn syrup which are both really bad for your health in the long run. This does not require any of those. It doesn’t even require melted marshmallows that also contains the two sugars and some other chemicals.

This recipe replaces inorganic sugars with all organic honey. Learn how to make it here.

2Peanut Butter Cookie Nests

homemade treats

If you ask me, there’s no such thing as homemade treats completely sugar-free that tastes good. There will always be some form of sugar. The kind of sugar used is what matters. This recipe only uses the sugar from the peanut butter (though you have the option of getting all organic peanut butter or make one yourself) combined with honey or maple syrup.

You get the same great taste, only healthier and less sugary. Get the recipe here.

3100% Fruit Ice Cream

homemade treats

I love how simple this ice cream is as long as you have the machine for it. Homemade treats are supposed to be simple. You don’t need any dairy or sugar. It’s 100% fruit only and I can’t wait to give this a try! The recipe calls for bananas and strawberries but you can definitely mix and match. I would say the bananas make a great staple because of its chalkiness and ability to hold things together.

Check out the recipe here.

4Coconut Strawberry Popsicles

homemade treats

Just look at how pretty these look. It’s fairly simple to make and quite healthy. Coconut milk and crushed strawberries sweetened with organic sugar called Stevia to make one of the most loved homemade treats for the summer.

Learn how to make it here.

5Sugar-Free Fruit Soda

homemade treats

Spring and summer can be very hot and this would be the perfect drink to give your kids after playing in the afternoon sun. They can even make their own according to the flavors that they would want. It’s basically just soda water or carbonated water and fresh fruits. It’s refreshing and very easy to make.

Find the full recipe here.

6No-Sugar Animal Cookies

homemade treats

Technically, this isn’t really sugar-free. The refined sugar is basically substituted with a healthier kind of sugar which can either be honey or molasses. You can also use maple syrup if you’re not really on the completely healthy side of homemade treats.

Grab the full recipe here.

7Naturally Sweet Choco Banana Ice Cream

homemade treats

Pick out best bananas and let them get to the sweetest they can get before using them for this recipe. Banana and chocolate is such a perfect combo, you won’t regret trying this recipe. Your kids will probably chalk this up as one of their favorite homemade treats and your older kids will most likely do the same!

Find the full recipe here.

8Sugar-Free Chocolate Mousse

homemade treats

Now, this may be a bit too grand of your regular homemade treats but that’s why they are called treats! This would be the perfect after meal dessert your kids and older family members enjoy equally.

Learn how to make this here.

9Layered Strawberry Jello Cups

homemade treats

The color alone is more than enough to get your kids curious and wanting a taste. You can satisfy that curiosity without risking sugar overload by using sugar-free jello mix and making your own whip cream. It looks very gourmet and as simple as this is, it passes gourmet standards.

Try it here.

10Sugar-free Rice Pudding

homemade treats

Oh, the things a chilled pudding can do to a grumpy child. This is perfect for hot afternoons and grumpy kids! Flavored with coconut milk and fresh berries, even weaning toddlers would be appeased. Truly one of the must try homemade treats.

Find the recipe here.

11Strawberry and Cream Gummies

homemade treats

Now, this is perfect to reward kids for good behavior. Giving them a piece of this creamy goodness when they behave well during the day is more than enough encouragement. Put a bunch of these in an airtight jar where it’s visible is even a better push.

Get the recipe here.


12Healthy Butter Beer Smoothie

homemade treats

I’m sure some of our moms here have kids who are die-hard Harry Potter fans. Well, this is something bound to be a favorite. Make your own butterbeer at home only healthier. It’s vegan and free of refined sugar to make sure your homemade treats are both good and healthy.

Check out the recipe here.


13Paleo Gummies

homemade treats

Kids love gummy worms but we all know how bad the store-bought ones are for their health. Still, we don’t want to completely deprive them from the things they love. So, why not create your own at home then? This recipe will help you make these homemade treats with three flavors – apple cinnamon, orange cranberry and pomegranate. They’re free of refined sugar too! Click here for the recipe.


14Healthy Dole Whip

homemade treats

Nothing tastes better in the summer than the fresh combination of pineapples, bananas and coconut milk. That’s what this healthy homemade dole whip taste like. Grab the recipe here.


15Chocolate Syrup

homemade treats

I’m sure you’ve seen some of those commercials or video tutorials about making easy milk chocolate at home with regular fresh milk and stirring in Hershey’s chocolate syrup to it. I’ve certainly done that when I was younger and boy did I get a sugar rush! Well, you can still make the same great tasting chocolate milk sans the loads of refined sugar you get from your regular store-bought syrup. Recipe here.


16Sugar-Free Gummy Worms

homemade treats

Flavored by your favorite sugar-free Jello, this treat only takes about half an hour to make. It also makes 20 pieces so you have enough in your stash to last for a few days. Not unless you let your kids finish all of it in one sitting. Check out the recipe here.


17Apple Chips

homemade treats

Thinly sliced apples sprinkled with cinnamon and baked until crisp. Simple as 1-2-3, right? Apples and cinnamon have always been the perfect duo so you can’t go wrong with this! See the full instruction here.


18Honey Tiny Teddies

homemade treats

Tiny Teddies are an Australian classic. It’s a favorite kids snack that is basically honey flavored biscuits. This recipe allows you to reduce the sugar content if you don’t want it too sweet. It’s pretty similar to the animal crackers in the US only a bit tastier. Check out the recipe.


19Sugar-Free Homemade Nutella

homemade treats

You’re probably wondering how can Nutella be sugar-free and still taste good, right? Well, one word: Stevia. Stevia is organic sugar used by diabetics and they have a wide range of products to replace refined sugar. They even have liquid hazelnut stevia! Grab the recipe here.


20Peanut Butter Twix

homemade treats

What would you say if I told you-you can make sugar-free Twix at home? I wouldn’t have believed it either. But this recipe has helped people trying to lose weight and still craving for their favorite sweet. Recipe here!


So, have picked out the homemade treats you’re gonna give a go?

I would totally try the choco banana ice cream and the chocolate mousse. That’s only a personal preference because I love chocolate like I love beer and pizza when I’m PMS-ing.

Honestly, though, your kids would not bother to be picky the moment they hear the word, ‘TREATS’. Their minds will automatically associate it with something good and sweet. They wouldn’t care if it’s sugar-free or barely has any sugar. Trust me. My niece doesn’t mind my dad’s diabetic friendly snacks.

But you know what? Just give these a go. If your kids don’t like them, there are plenty of other sugar-free homemade treats recipe online. You can also try changing your substitute sweetener.

Ever tried one of these? Let us know in a comment below!