the most irresistible thanksgiving vegetable side dishes

Thanksgiving is all about being grateful for our family and friends.

The time when we are getting together on a festive dinner with delicious meals, and appreciate their support and love.

Are you hosting a Thanksgiving lunch or dinner, probably you are already looking for inspiration for a stunning table display?

Searching for new recipes and innovative ideas? Pumpkin bread or rolls for more festive flavor?

Of course, a Thanksgiving meal won’t be the same without turkey and cranberry sauce. Say goodbye to the traditional mashed potatoes and green beans on the side if you wan to impress your guests. The turkey has new favorite vegetable side dishes.

Get your fancy cutlery out and make your guests wow! Of course, make sure you have a fancy welcome drink for your people.

A Thanksgiving Margarita would be a great start to your dinner.

1Gruyere And Thyme Stacked Potatoes

Crispy edges and soft, creamy center. Perfect for a Thanksgiving side dish, but I would have them all year round.


2Zucchini Corn Salad

Grilled zucchini, feta cheese…mmm, my senses bring me to Greece. You can use canned corn, but if you looking for the ultimate taste use fresh corn. You can even be grilled together with the zucchini.


3Green Bean And Quinoa Salad

Fresh green bean with healthy quinoa could be a wonderful side dish. But when you add roasted pumpkin, red peppers, and all are dressed in peanut Thai sauce, be ready for a splash of Thanksgiving flavors.


4Roasted Sweet Potatoes

What is a Thanksgiving dinner without sweet potatoe side? Tasty and easy recipe for your festive menu.


5Slow Roasted Celery

I know…, the most delicious recipe with celery is the Bloody Mery cocktail, but you will change your mind once you taste this roasted celery.


6Crunchy Creamy Brussels Sprouts

Perfect side vegetable side dish for every meals. It goes perfectly well with chicken, pork and fish.


7Slow Roasted Onion

Caramelized slow-roasted onion is going to be your next favorite Thanksgiving side dish. The sweet marinated slow-roasted onion will disappear once you put in on the table.


8Crispy Cauliflower

The vegetarian drumsticks are perfect for your festive dinner. You can give a stronger taste as you add some parmesan and cheddar cheese.


9Roasted Vegetables

Oven roasted vegetables for more color on your table. Just pick your favorite veggies, cut them and put them in the oven. Spice them up according your taste and your Thanksgiving side dish is all set.


10Balsamic Roasted Root Vegetables

Get all typical fall vegetables, mix them with olive oil, salt and some spices. Give them sweet- sour flavour with honey and balsamic dressing.


11Garlic Roasted Okra

Absolutely tasty, healthy, and ideal side dish for your Thanksgiving menu. Roasted okra, lemon-aioli sauce gives freshness to your table.


12Tomato Cucumber Salad

When I talk about freshness I definitely must add a traditional tomato-cucumber salad. You can use your imagination to add more flavors to it. If you are a fan of the Medetiraen meals, then you will prefer to add some feta cheese, onion, and olives. Of course, you can add some of the super ingredients like avocado.


13Honey Garlic Carrots

Make your Thanksgiving table splashing of colors and flavors. These roasted honey carrots are tasty, sweet, and easy to cook.


14Eggplant And Zucchini Gratin

Ready in less than an hour this eggplant zucchini gratin perfectly matches a Thanksgiving table. It is reached in flavors, textures, and colors.


15Spiral Vegetable Tart

Perfect vegetable side dish for the festive dinner. Crunchy edges and soft, melting vegetables. You can spread some parmesan for a stronger taste.


The Most Irresistible Thanksgiving Vegetable Side Dishes

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