How Much Value Does A Garden Improvement With Deck Add To A Property? 

Home improvement comes with a lot of benefits. Apart from adding more conduciveness and comfort to your living space better, it can also boost your property’s value. A part of your home that has the potential to uplift your home’s value considerably is the outdoor living space. 

It is highly beneficial to improve your home. Both your property’s interior and exterior matters a lot. A fantastic way of increasing your home’s appeal is by creating an outdoor space. An outdoor space can enhance your home functionality and create a spot for entertainment. A great outdoor space can also increase your home’s resale value. 

In the last few years, the prices of houses have not been stable. While most houses have sold for low figures, some houses have sold for astronomically high prices. A differentiating factor between these two is curb appeal. Curb appeal is a term used to describe the beauty of a home exterior. A great way of improving your home’s curb appeal is by the addition or improvement of a decking area. 

Livable outdoor space is always top on every homebuyers’ list of what they desire in a new home. This means that every investment channelled towards enhancing your outdoor space’s functionality and beauty is worthwhile and warranted. Studies have revealed that homes with improved gardens with a deck make the most sales. According to real estate analysts, a beautiful garden alone can raise a home’s value by more than 15%. 

With a nice decking area, you give potential homebuyers an opportunity to imagine themselves luxuriating in the serene decking area, hosting parties with friends and wellwishers. So, adding a traditional decking board to a property can increase the price of your property by up to $10,000. On the other hand, a quality composite plastic decking could add more than $17,000. An investment to your deck can increase your returns, considering the fact that you can recoup more than 80% of your installation cost. For low-maintenance decking options, such as a composite deck, you can earn more. 

Here is how the decking area adds value to your home:

Improve Your Home Aesthetics

Decking is a great way of enhancing the appearance of your home’s exterior. There are lots of decking materials to choose from. For instance, there is the traditional timbre deck and composite deck. Each decking material has its own decorative finish, which combines style, colour and texture. A good example is the composite deck board which can be designed to resemble natural wood appearance. Unlike natural wood decking materials, a composite deck does not require regular repainting or staining. 

Decks can add to the decorative appearance of your garden, kids’ playground, and pools. To further enhance your deck area appearance, you can add flower containers, colorful light, and furniture. 

Increase Your Home Living Space And Functionality

Decks are highly sought for due to the fact that they can increase your home’s functionality, and by extension, living space. There are so many fun things you can do on your deck area. For example, a deck can host an outdoor party; you can relax and take in the cool evening breeze on your deck. The deck can also serve as a cooking area, as families enjoy grilling and frying outdoors. 

Some decks have space at the bottom, which can serve as a storage area for small tools and outdoor equipment. To further enhance the functionality of your deck, consider adding garden ornament, outdoor furniture and kitchen, flowers etc.

Fast Construction

While some other home improvement projects will take years or months to complete, deck construction can be finished in less than two weeks. It is important you hire a professional deck installer. Another advantage of deck construction is that it does not affect your daily activities that take place in your home. The deck installation takes place outdoors. 

Low Maintenance

Compared to other areas of your home that will require you to invest all your time and energy in the name of ‘deep cleaning’, decks do not require any effort or cost to maintain. This is true, especially for composite decking materials. Composite materials are low maintenance and durable, just an occasional wipe with water and mop will keep your deck looking as good as new. 


A budget-friendly but effective way of boosting your home value is by improving your home’s exterior. This is usually done by adding outdoor living space. It is important to note that the deck value depends on your choice of deck materials. Low-quality decking materials will contribute very little to your property value. On the other hand, high-quality decking materials, such as composite decks, will considerably improve your home’s value. 

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