25 Ingenious Ways How to Keep Playroom Clutter Free

Do your kids’ room look something like this?

messy room
Image: Parents.com

Or even like this after a playdate?

messy room
Image: runitlikeamom.com

Are you struggling to find a way to his closet without tripping over small lego parts and finding a clutter-free spot to step on?

Did you give up all attempts to teach him that lego belongs to the box and not in mommy’s socks, and his cars should be in a garage and not in mommy’s kitchen?

No need to despair, you’re not alone!

Kids are not the tidiest creatures, but luckily keeping their room organized and avoiding the war zone look is not impossible.

Here are some of the best tips from fellow moms and bloggers. Feel free to add your own or email us a photo of your nursery to be featured here next time!

1. Start with Lego

Every house has one – box full of Lego.

Think of ways your kids are playing with it. Based on that, decide how you will organize it. Jen from I Hearts Organizing decided to go by color because he older boys preferred it that way. Keep the manuals and small parts also in separate boxes.

I think this color system also works better for tidying up – if they’re done playing with it, they know it needs to go back to the boxes based on color. So the chances are, they won’t create a complete mess if they know it will take them half a day to separate the colors and pieces. Clever, huh?

lego parts
Image: I Heart Organizing

2. Use Clutter Free Activity Tables

These days most of the furniture for kids rooms comes with storage space, so make sure you’re paying attention to it when you’re shopping for activity table or any other furniture for the playroom.

It’s perfect for storing things like crayons, papers and small clutter that accumulates on the table.

Image: container store

3. Use Coat Hangers

Coat hangers are brilliant for kids room – almost anything can be stored using just a few basic baskets or pot holders.

coat hangers in playroom
Image: pottery barn kids

4. Re-purpose Shoe Organizer

Cheap, easy to install and amazing for storing kids soft toys.

kids playroom storage ideas
Image: momo design

5. Use Glass Containers

They are great for storing crayons, art supplies or small toys. Arrange them nicely on a shelf and they will make pretty great decorations too. Not suitable for small kids.

toy organizing ideas for playroom
Image: I Heart Naptime

6. Double up Seating Area as Storage

This is one of my favorite ones – clever use of space both for sitting and putting away toys! Brilliant!

toys organizing ideas for playroom
Image: Indulgy

7. Wooden Crates instead of Shelves

This cute little crates can be customized to match your play room decor and colors. Cheap and easy storage solution for books and toys.  Follow the tutorial by Smart School House.

creative toy storage ideas for play room
Image: Smart School house

8. Rolling Storage Cubes

Customized activity table with chairs that doubles up as storage.

Tutorial by Shanty 2 Chic.

rolling storage cubes
Image: Shanty 2 Chic

9. Art Storage with customized Jar Toppers

Not just practical, but damn cute! Glue their favorite animals to the jar top, spray paint, and that’s it!


creative toy storage ideas
image: House to Home

10. Bed Storage

No space should be wasted if you can use it for extra storage! If you’re reading books before sleep, use the space under the bed to store the favorite books to read before bedtime.

bed storage
Image: House to home

11. Re-purpose bookshelf into more practical storage

Bookshelves are great, but there are limits to what you can do with them. Use this tutorial to turn a bookshelf into a bench and storage in one!

book shelf storage
Image: Helping Kids Grow Up

12. Create a Library Wall

Bookshelves are annoying. Upgrade your book display by setting up a whole library wall. Pretty impressive!

library wall for play room
Image: project nursery

13. Use Toys as part of Decor

If you have a nice collection of pretty unusual toys, why not make them the highlight of the toy room and double up as a great decoration.

toys as decor
image: Elle.fr

14. ZOO Keeper

Stuffed toys overload? No problem – turn your kids into ZOO keeper that need to make sure all animals are in their cage after playtime!

zoo keeper
Image: dawanda

15. Get their Clothes Organized

One of my favorite tips here. Saves a lot of hassle and running around the house in the morning. The only thing the kids need to remember is what day of the week is it!

clothes organization for bedroom
Image: how to do it

16. Coolest Car Garage

Using what? Toilet rolls? Why haven’t I thought of that myself??

toy garage
Image: Petit On

17. Accommodate Barbies

… in your shoe rack! They can even have their name labels! Which one will be in the penthouse?

barbie storage
Image: BHG

18. For Kids Art and School Work

Create a wholly dedicated wall showcasing your kids’ arts and school work. They will be over the moon to have their latest pieces on display.

organize kids art and school work
Image: Kylie M Interiors

19. Chalkboard storage

Forget about a small chalkboard and dedicate a whole wall in their room to art. Use chalkboard paint and golden storage containers to get this amazing look!

chalkboard storage
Image: blogger.com

20. Hide Toys in Closet

Everything has to be perfectly organized of course. When you need a more tidy room, simply close the closet door!

closet storage
Image: Sunny Side Up

21. Magnetic Strip for Cars

Fasten to the wall at their level and his favorite car will never be lost again.

magnetic strip for cars storage
Image: keeping up with the Souths

22. Pack & Go Kitchen

Make your storage double up as a play space. This one is also brilliant to take on the road with you.

pack and go kitchen
Image: printable cuttable creatable

23. Make it Pretty

Toy storage doesn’t mean a whole rainbow of colors and ugly containers. Keep it simple and stylish; even toy storage can look awesome!

kids toy storage
Image: hative

24. Turn Diaper Box into Storage

No need to buy new boxes when you can reuse what you already have at home!

Tutorial by Thrifty & Chic

old diaper box into storage container
image: Thrifty & Chic

25. Wall Art Desk

Let them have fun with the crayons, and when they’re done, simply put away and close it!

Tutorial here.

wall art desk
Image: homedit

And if you run out of options, just remember one thing:

pardon my children are making memories
image: etsy.com

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