Green with Envy: Best Green Halloween Costume Ideas

There are only two weeks left before the fright night comes and you do not have any costume ideas yet? Calm down, here are super fresh and green Halloween costume ideas to steal!

Each year Halloween is coming with so many witches, vampires, zombies, cute rabbits, and so many superheroes and popular movie characters or celebrities. This is the main reason that provoked us to search for something different and not so common, but enough spooky and up to the holiday.

Do not need to mention that green hues are still super popular in all fashion trends!

It is time to be unique and a little bit more different than the crowd outside and wins the best Halloween costume award in your neighborhood.

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Halloween Main Colors and Their Meaning

Probably many of you are still wondering why we are focused on green Halloween costume ideas. Especially when this holiday is mostly associated with orange, white, and black colors.

Here are the 6 main Halloween colors and what they are associated with:

  • Orange- Orange is the color of fire and fire was believed to provide warmth, protection, and safety.
  • Black- Black is a popular Halloween color because, like Halloween, it has ties to death. It’s believed that the veil between the living and dead is thinnest around Halloween time.
  • Green- Green color represent the supernatural and magical with green glowing fog, floating mists, flashes of light, and other effects. It is the most common color you can find in nature. It is representing evil monsters in all fiction and cartoons. It is used as the skin color for zombies, aliens, Frankenstein, and witches.
  • Purple- Purple is the color associated with royalty, wealth, and powerful people. It represents the mystical and magical, probably this is the reason why often the outfits of witches and wizards are mostly in purple.
  • Red- Red is one of the most powerful Halloween colors which is often associated with blood, which represents life and mortality.
  • White- White is the color of ghosts, spirits, skeletons, and bones. It represents the loneliness of the spirits that can’t find rest. White represents the spookiness of clowns and mummy bandages, and it is the best background for any Halloween decoration.

Best Green Halloween Costume Ideas

Once you are aware of the meaning of Halloween colors, you probably would be able to pick your costume easily. Yup, it is like a personality test, isn’t it?

I don’t know about you, but I will play fair and confess my witchy side.

How about you? You can be a sweet forest fairy, Piter Pan or Tinkerbell, Ariel the little mermaid, Hulk, or even a turtle ninja.

Have a spooky green Halloween!

1. Green Salad

Green Halloween Costume Ideas
source: IG @justinehuxley/

2. Classy Witch

Green Halloween Costume Ideas
source: Pinterest

3. Sweet Farry

Green Halloween Costume Ideas

4. Moana

Green Halloween Costume Ideas
source: IG@milena.velloso

5. Arile the Little Marmaid

Green Halloween Costume Ideas
source” Pinterest @brittanycven

6. Aquaman

Green Halloween Costume Ideas

7. Tinkerbell and Piter Pan

Green Halloween Costume Ideas

8. Shrek and Fiona

Green Halloween Costume Ideas

10. Holly Guacamole

Green Halloween Costume Ideas
source: Emma Gray

11. Barrista

Green Halloween Costume Ideas

12. Cute Cacti

Green Halloween Costume Ideas

13. Plant Lady

Green Halloween Costume Ideas

14. Fantasy World

Green Halloween Costume Ideas

15. Poisoned Ivy and Jocker

Green Halloween Costume Ideas
source: Pinterest @karlafishel

16. Jurassic Park Costumes

green halloween costumes 15
source: Pinterest @rachota

17. Turtle Ninja

green halloween costumes 16

18. Hulk Costume

green halloween costumes 17

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