Pull-Off a Halloween-Inspired Wedding with these Creative Ideas

Love a good scare? Then a spine-tingling, Halloween theme is sure to make your wedding day truly unforgettable – For you and every single guest who attends!

Weddings are always special, but yours deserves an extraordinary theme, don’t you think? So, don’t allow your BIG day to be a fading memory or just like any other beach or fairytale event. Make it epic by designing a Halloween-themed jamboree and let it haunt them for years! 

Everything about your wedding should revolve around your chosen theme. That’ll make it truly fun! Begin with the invites, and follow it up with the most shocking dress, food, and decor! Go beyond the usual blood and gore and make it a classic horror. It doesn’t even need to be on October 31st… we love ourselves a good fright any time of the year! 

If you and your other half have made up your minds to go crazy with a Halloween theme, we’ve done some research on your behalf. With ghoulish ideas and mystical concepts, here are 15 ways to infuse the essence of Halloween into almost every aspect of your wedding celebrations: 

Turn Heads With Gothic Wedding Attire

It’s your wedding and YOU will be the center of everyone’s attention. Make sure you dazzle them with some edgy, gothic bridal wear. 

The white dress may be cute but imagine yourself in deep red, midnight black, or sultry purple… you’re gonna knock their socks off! Add multiple layers of web-like tulle to your bridal gown to make it dramatic. An all-black ensemble, complete with dress, gloves, and a lace veil is sure to cause many hearts to skip a beat. 

There is a huge selection of unconventional wedding dresses available today. Check them out! You might just be surprised at the number of options that you’ll find. 

Get Wicked With Accessories 

No more princess tiaras and fairytale trinkets… it’s time for the real thing! Try intricate oxidized jewelry with red ruby settings or emerald green stonework. Flaunt your bewitching style with edgy accessories that scream class and personality. 

You could consider matching your accessories with your fiance’s –  black-metal cufflinks and/or earrings. A gorgeous medieval necklace resting boldly on your collar bones will look amazing!

Match the hues of your outfit with the accessories to create a statement that will make you the well-deserved star of the show.

Wild Bridal Party; Some Autumn Hues

halloween wedding 3

Break the norm of traditional bridesmaids’ gowns and dress your entire bridal party in animal print gowns! The girls are going to love this one, and the patterns are going to complement the tones of late October nuptials. 

Another bonus? Your closest friends are going to definitely wear their gowns again. 

Another option you can consider for colors is muted orange that reflects fallen maple leaves. The dusty hues will have your bridesmaids looking absolutely stunning!

Put up the Props

Jack-o-lanterns brighten up any Halloween night, so why not yours?

Light up the area with candles in intricately carved jack-o-lanterns or even arrange for a photo booth with them! 

Wow! Those pictures? They are going to be shared and cherished for days after your special occasion. 

Add a Touch of Fall to Your Wedding Decor 

Why don’t you try something different and choose a palette for your wedding that reflects the beauty of the Halloween season –  late October? 

Consider adding fall-inspired decors such as hanging burgundy amaranthus, orange roses, maple tree branches over the altar, thistles, and burgundy hydrangeas all over your wedding venue. 

We promise, using these subtle and elegant colors is going to turn your wedding into the most beautiful event to celebrate the essence of a Halloween fall! 

Dress and Shoot! 

When you think of Halloween, the first thing to pop up in your mind might be costumes. And we are all for adding costumes to your wedding! 

You don’t need to add costume changes to the event! Instead, consider adding a booth filled with Halloween-inspired props. Your guests can dress up in their favorite pieces and become one with the theme and celebrations.

Spooky Spirits 

Everyone loves cocktail hour! And this is the perfect time to infuse the essence of Halloween into all those elegant glasses that your guests are going to sip from. 

Misty mojitos, blood-stained Bloody Mary mixes, what’s your poison cocktails, and or the witches brew punch bowl. Go crazy and they’ll keep coming back for more.

Black Candles are the Way to Go 

Candles are magical and depending on how you present them, they can transform the entire mood. If you are looking to add elegant sconces to your wedding, consider black candles.

Not only are black candles going to come as an absolute surprise, but they will also get that Halloween spirit going all the way through to dinner and dessert

Smokin’ Photoshoot

Choose smoke bombs in the shades of white, black, and red or orange to dramatically change how your wedding photos are going to turn out. 

Halloween-inspired colors are going to have your photos looking spooky and powerful for years to come!

Bid Adieu to the White Cake

halloween wedding 1

Choose darker-themed colors for that celebratory dessert with spooky blacks and muted purples. The cake is going to be an absolute showstopper and an ode to the spirit of Halloween.

Consider serving up flavors like cinnamon and pumpkin spice to ramp up that late-October factor in the most delicious way.  You could even consider a traditional flavor with a unique frosting to celebrate the harvest in all its bounty! 

Finally, you can consider thanking your guests with a wedding program written in elegant scripts and signed off with a flourish! They are going to love that parting note just as much as you enjoyed your big day.

With these ideas, we sure do hope you find the most perfect way to create a beautiful day for yourself and your loved ones. 

Remember to take all our suggestions, add your own twist to it and fashion a theme that most symbolizes everything you want for your big day. With pumpkins, candles, and fall foliage, we can be sure that your special moment is going to be celebrated in the most festive way

Julie Higgins
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