Fun Home Improvement DIY You Can Do With Your Kids

Have you been wanting to do some home improvements, but lacking the inspiration to start? Or yearning to spend more time with the kids, but stuck for fun ideas of what to do together?

We have the solution to both. Find out more in our list of fun home improvement DIY activities you can do with your kids, below.

Fun Home Improvement DIY You Can Do With Your Kids 1

Decorate Your Mailbox

Is your mailbox looking a little worn? Considering that it’s out in all types of weather conditions year-round, we’re not surprised.

But this can be easily fixed, with a splash of paint and a whole lot of creativity. Rope the kids into this fun activity, and it’ll look new in no time. 

Of course, if it’s past its prime, it may be time to get a new one. A new custom mailbox will instantly add some curb appeal to your property.

There are so many styles to choose from, that can be tailored to meet the needs of your family. Let the kids help you select and decorate the new one.

But you may not have to throw out that old one.

Keep reading and you’ll soon see how it can be repurposed into something your kids will love.

Create A Garden Feature

Remember that old mailbox we told you not to throw out? Here’s where it gets a new lease on life, and your kids learn about the joy of reusing, repurposing, and recycling.

With just a bit of effort, you can turn that old mailbox into a beautiful bird feeder for your front yard or garden. 

This is a fun idea for upgrading your yard, which is also super kid-friendly. Remove the old mailbox from its post, and strip it down to its bare structure.

Bore a hole into the front one that will serve as an entrance for birds. Then get the kids to paint it in the color of their choice. 

Once the mailbox has been given a few coats of paint, the fun really starts. Now it can be decorated according to their every whim and fancy.

Kids love being given free rein to decorate things. And knowing that this project will be of benefit to the birds in the area will give them great joy, too.

Once it’s been artfully adorned, all you have to do is suspend it from a tree and fill it with bird seed. Et voila, you have your very own bird feeder at a minimal cost.

Paint Some Seedlings

Now it’s time to turn your attention to your other babies – your plants. Instill a love of gardening in your children while they are still young.

Gardening offers many benefits to children and adults, alike. But that’s not all. A beautiful garden will also increase the value of your home by boosting your curbside appeal. 

Don’t be sad if your garden consists only of a few plant pots in the yard. This can be just as attractive as a large garden full of flower beds.

The trick is to choose the right flowers to add a pop of color to your yard.

Teach your kids about the wonder of nature by getting them to plant some seedlings. A trip down to your local plant nursery or garden depot will make a fun outing with the family.

Ask the staff there about the right flowers or plants for your yard. 
And if you’re a doting indoor plant mommy too, you may want some more plant parent inspiration.

Remember that potted plants look just as good on the front porch too.

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