5 Ways To Deal With Blocked Pipes At Home

Homeowners generally deal with trivial to complex problems in their house. And perhaps, among the common household problems you’re bound to experience at some point are clogged drains and a few plumbing issues in your kitchen or bathroom.

These issues happen due to many factors, such as soap clogs, accumulated hair, kitchen waste, and other solid dirt buildups. And through the years, as all the household members continue to use the kitchen sink and the bathroom, your pipes may experience clogging.

However, you don’t need to worry about such a predicament. Aside from relying on trustworthy plumbers to remedy the problem, there are home remedies that you can apply to troubleshoot these recurring issues.

And as mentioned, clogged pipes usually entail some solids caught up in the middle of the passage. With doable solutions and a few tricks at home, you don’t have to break the bank to solve such issues.

Here are some ways you can consider to help you deal with blocked pipes at home:

5 Ways To Deal With Blocked Pipes At Home 1

1. Pour Boiling Water 

Perhaps many homeowners know this trick already, but it’s worth mentioning in this list. Using boiling water is known to resolve blocked pipes, as it can help melt down the solid buildups.

This can be one of the easiest and free solutions you can do in less than no time. All you need to do is bring water to a boil in a kettle.

Slowly pour the hot water down the drain several times, waiting seconds between each pour. 

Any obstructions in its way will be dissolvable as the boiling water travels through the pipes. This trick is generally fast and easy to do, requiring no special solvents and devices.

In addition, if the clogs are just mild and new, boiling water can melt them quickly, and you’ll have your drainage working back again. 

2. Use Baking Soda And Vinegar 

Another trip you can consider to help you deal with blocked pipes is a few ingredients commonly found in the kitchen: baking soda and vinegar.

While baking soda comes with so many uses, another one is to help you unclog your pipes.

In the case of blocked drains, baking soda and vinegar can be an effective combination. Simply create a solution with these two ingredients by measuring one-third for each part.

Let the mixture sit in the drain for an hour, then pour it out. Use hot water to flush out the solution so it can take all the solids with them.

You’ll be surprised to see your pipes having a good flow, and you won’t smell any foul odor anymore after doing this step. 

3. Consider Unclogging With Wire Hanger Or Drain Snake 

Wire hangers can also be an effective alternative solution for unclogging blocked pipes at home. See if you have an available worn wire hanger and use it to reach solid blockage in your pipelines.

When doing this, try to use a flashlight to see where to place the hanger easily. You can deform the wire hanger and make it seem like a fishing hook so you can catch the solids and other blockages. 

If an obstruction causes the clog, you can fish it out of the pipe. Aside from using a wire hanger, you can also buy a drain snake in the hardware store.

This can be used similarly to the wire hanger. Your objective is to catch the solids with it. When your pipes are extra-long, make your wire hanger or drain snake longer to go deeper into the lines.

4. Manually Clean Your Pipes

Before partaking in any bathroom refurbishments, many homeowners would like to know the trick for cleaning pipes.

However, this chore requires some dismantling and technical tasks, so it’s best to perform it only when you’re confident with what you’re about to do, especially installing everything back again. 

Essentially, you need to take your drain pipe apart from its parts. However, this can be made possible depending on how your pipes are interlinked with each other. 

Place a bucket beneath the U-shaped pipe under the sink, which will collect any possible leaks. Unlock the nuts and loosen the placement of pipes on both ends so you can empty all the solid contents.

You need to use some plumbing tools to perform this. You can brush the insides of the pipes and ensure that no solid debris is found.

Finally, wash off the pipes and ensure that the passage is clear. Reinstall everything in their original placements after cleaning.

However, once again, if you’re not confident in performing this task yourself, you can always reach out to expert plumbers as they know the dismantling and reinstallation processes better. 

5. Carefully Use Chemical Cleaners 

If all of the above methods haven’t worked, you now have the option to go for chemical cleaners. However, be vigilant when using them as they can cause more problems for your pipes if you don’t follow the instructions indicated in the products well. 

Most supermarkets sell chemical drain cleaners. It can be poured down your drain and left to work for several hours overnight.

Don’t forget to wash off with hot water after so there won’t be chemical solutions left in the pipes, which could, later on, cause complications. 

Final Words

Perhaps, clogged pipes are one of the most common plumbing issues households would experience from time to time. I

It can be a little frustrating, especially if you can’t use your sink or shower. And as such, you can unclog your drains without much hassle with the help of a few household products.

On the other, if you’d rather have lesser risks, it’s always best to rely on expert plumbers to perform the unclogging tasks and care for your home’s pipes.

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