5 Potential Dangers and How Moms Can Protect Their Kids

Being a mom in Illinois is fun, but it’s also nerve-wracking sometimes. If you have kids, you probably love them dearly. You might worry about them sometimes, though. It is a big world with many dangers.

In this article, we will talk about some possible perils Illinois moms and their families face. We’ll also talk about some easy preventative measures that make sense.

5 Potential Dangers and How Moms Can Protect Their Kids


Floods can happen in some areas. If you live somewhere that is lake or river-adjacent, you might feel like that’s a legitimate possibility.

You can always look into flood insurance in Illinois, particularly if you have a lake or river close by. You should also have a flood plan you discuss with your kids, though.

You can tell them that if you hear about a flooding heading your way, they must help you put all your electronics up on concrete blocks. That should prevent damage. You can also tell them they must keep the gutters and storm drains around the house clear. Many times, that can prevent flooding.

You might also buy flood skirts, inflatable floodwalls, sandbags, and either portable flood shields or gates. Companies sell them, and if you live somewhere in Illinois with frequent flooding or flooding dangers, you should get some.

If you have older kids, they can help you when the water level rises. If you have flood plans beforehand, you can all jump into action when the heavy rains come.


Illinois sometimes sees heavy winds as well. Tornados become possible in certain conditions, and you should discuss tornado situations once your kids can understand the dangers.

If you see tornados developing near your house, you should tell your children they can go down into the basement. If you do not have a basement, you can go into a room with no windows that’s on the house’s lowest floor. If you reside in an apartment building, you can go into the basement there as well.

A center hallway, bathroom, or closet works if you don’t have a basement. You want rooms with no windows, though. You might even tell the kids they can get under a bathtub, workbench, or something else heavy that the wind probably can’t lift.

You can do tornado drills with the kids. They might also do them at school if you live in an area with frequent or yearly tornado threats.

Identity Theft

Your kids probably have some impressive computer and tech skills. Just about every kid grows up with them these days. The technology just keeps getting better, but young kids can often keep up with no issues.

They might have busy online lives, with social media platforms and similar distractions. You should know identity theft often happens, though, and kids are not immune.

You should tell your kids not to volunteer any of their personal or sensitive information when they have online interactions. Tell them about phishing spam and make sure they know about similar scams.

You can keep your kids’ documents in a safe or in another secure location where no one will find them. That includes their birth certificates, social security cards, and so forth.

You might also set up and use a credit monitoring product. It can warn you if anyone tries opening up credit cards in your child’s name.

If identity theft happens, that’s a major headache, so make sure your kids practice online safety. You can set an example and do the same thing.


Illinois moms want their kids outside enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. You might let them play in the yard once they’re old enough. When they’re little, you can sit out there with them, but once they’re more independent, you can leave them out there alone.

If you do, though, make sure you discuss traffic with them first. If they’re playing with a ball, and it rolls into the street, they should look both ways before going after it. You might even tell them they should not cross the road without your permission.

You can show them about looking both ways before crossing. You might also install a fence around the yard so they won’t leave it. You can instruct them they should not open the gate without asking you first.

You might put up a fence around the backyard and have them stay back there instead. The backyard might have more space, and you can keep an eye on them easier back there. They might invite over some neighborhood kids to play, and you can monitor them with no problems.


When you have young kids, you want to teach them good manners. You might tell them they should speak politely when an adult approaches them, but they should remain on guard as well.

Some adults might abduct a child if they get the chance. If you teach your kids that they should stay right by your side in public places, that is helpful. You do not want them fearful, but you do want them cautious.

Tell them that if someone approaches them while they’re in the yard, they should run and get you. They should never leave the yard if someone offers them candy, says they need help finding a lost dog, or any of the other ploys that devious adults might try.

Your child’s school might teach them about strangers as well. Presumably, teachers will watch them when they’re out on the playground during recess or when they take them on field trips to public places.

You can also go along on field trips as a parent volunteer if you can get the time off from work. That might make you feel better if you’re anxious about your kids being out in public in a larger group.

If you teach your kids about life’s dangers, they’ll grow up safe, and you can enjoy all that Illinois offers. It’s an excellent place for families, but you must remember the perils as well.

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