20 Ways to Rock a Head Scarf

I‘ve seen many women wear a head scarf and I often wondered how they’re able to rock the wrapped up look. Just looking at it makes me break out in sweat. It looks too hot for me to bear but they look so fabulous!

I have a friend who can pull off the Alicia Keys turban and I am always dying of envy. My face is pretty round so you can only imagine how awful I would look with a fully wrapped turban on my head.

But, regardless of how I would look, here are a some of the best ways you can rock a head scarf this summer. Unlike me, some of us can actually look good with a head scarf on.

Ways to Wear a Head Scarf

1. Wrapped Poppy

head scarf

Wearing a head scarf is perfect to hide messy hair. Some women are tired of the bland looking ponytail or messy bun. You can make it look new with a scarf perfectly tied around your head.

2. Woven Braid Knot

Ways to Wear a Head Scarf 1


This style does not only involve tying but braiding as well. It’s dual purpose: style and keeping your hair secure and neat. Any colored head scarf would do!

3. Bow Kerchief

Ways to Wear a Head Scarf 11


I love how this style is perfect for those tiny loose baby hairs on the back of your head. The style can completely keep those cute but annoying baby hairs in place for the rest of the day. The fringe works really well with the head scarf knot as well.

4. Low Ponytail Scarf

ways to wear a head scarf


A pop of color on a monochrome colored look is perfect to balance the entire outfit or set a focal point. The head scarf will be the perfect accessory if you want your face to be the focal point.

5. African Wrap

Ways to Wear a Head Scarf 5


Have you ever seen Eddie Murphy’s movie Coming to America? His mom wore a head scarf tied just like this and she really looked like royalty. It may not have the same effect without all the gold dangling around her but this still makes a pretty solid look.

6. Alicia Keys Turban

Ways to Wear a Head Scarf 6


Alicia Keys has been rocking the no-makeup look and she became even more of an icon with her signature turban. Many women were inspired by her au-naturale look on the red carpet and it has trended since! Look around you. Many women are sporting this head scarf turban.

YouTube video

7. Looped Headband

Ways to Wear a Head Scarf 7


Summer will be very hot so it’s a plus if you can look great and keep all your hair away from your sticky body. A wrapped up turban will do just the trick. You’ll be comfortable and looking fab at the same time!

8. Knotted Headband

Ways to Wear a Head Scarf 8


Summer concerts are sure to be a thing this incoming season. You may want to wear your hair down but not look overly glammed up. Try a knotted headband with you favorite head scarf to get that perfect retro boho look this summer!

9. Ultimate Head Wrap

Ways to Wear a Head Scarf 9


One of the things I really like about head scarves is its ability to hide messed up hair. For example, if you woke up too late and have so many errands to run, you can pull your hair in a bun and add a head scarf to make it look like you had all the time in the morning to prep yourself. It won’t hide the smell so pray no one taller hugs you!

10. Twist Tie Top Knot

head scarf

This is perfect for women with thin hair and want their bun to look fuller. The scarf adds an illusion to the volume and makes the bun look bigger and fuller. There’s a hack for you. You’re welcome!

11. 30 Second Headband

head scarf

For your last minute hair decisions before going out, this would be the perfect go-to. It takes less than a minute and super edgy. Yes, a turban can be very chic!

12. Bow Turban

Ways to Wear a Head Scarf 12


Now, here’s one for the bow type of girl. It’s feminine and dainty and still very capable of keeping every hair in place. What more can you ask for, right?

13. Audrey Hepburn Style

Ways to Wear a Head Scarf 13


The ultimate British scarf style conquers Hollywood, and not only!

14. Low Bun Scarf

Ways to Wear a Head Scarf 14


Elegant and easy hairstyle with scarf for any occasion.

15. Summer Hairstyle With Scarf

Ways to Wear a Head Scarf 15


Are you in love with the summer as much as we are? Well, I am sure you love chic hairstyles with a litlle glamour touch with the right accessories.

16. Modern Bell

Ways to Wear a Head Scarf 16


In case you are fan of Disney princess hairstyles, than you can recognize this modern version of Bell hairstyle.

17. Pretty Scarf Hairstyle

Ways to Wear a Head Scarf 17


Impressive, and at the same time easy way to style up your hairstyle and look like a real fashionsita.

18. Italian Scarf Hairstyle

Ways to Wear a Head Scarf 18


Simple, elegant way for your scarf hairstyle.

19. Braided Crown

Ways to Wear a Head Scarf 19


Your ideal scarf hairstyle to prove you are the queen of the latest trends.

20. French Braid With A Scarf

Ways to Wear a Head Scarf 20


The perfect minimalism of the French style.

Are you ready to give these styles a go?

Get your favorite head scarf and start practising! Pretty soon you’ll be a master at tying head scarves. Then, you can teach your girlfriends the basics!

Be fab and keep your hair in place with a different head scarf style everyday. Oh, expect your wardrobe to grow more with scarves!

Adios, amigas!

featured image: stylebysandra.com

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