Get Crafty with Succulents: DIY Projects for Living Wreaths, Vertical Gardens, and Terrariums

If you love succulents and enjoy getting your hands dirty with DIY projects, you’re in for a treat! Let’s dive in and get crafty with succulents!

Let’s explore three fun and creative ways to incorporate these low-maintenance plants into your home or garden by making living wreaths, vertical gardens, and terrariums.

DIY Projects for Living Wreaths, Vertical Gardens, and Terrariums

#1. Living Wreaths

Oh, succulent living wreaths, you’ve gotta love them! Imagine taking a boring old wreath and giving it a funky, fresh twist with these cute, low-maintenance plants.

Talk about adding cool things to your door, wall, or even as a centerpiece! This quirky, green decor will have your friends and family saying, “Hey, that’s pretty cool!”

So, why get a little crafty and bring some plant-tastic vibes to your space with a succulent living wreath? Trust us. It’s a fun conversation starter!

To create a living wreath with succulents, you’ll need:

  • A wire wreath frame
  • Sphagnum moss
  • Floral wire
  • A variety of succulents
  • Gardening gloves

Here is a speedy DIY guide: First, soak the sphagnum moss in water for some minutes, then squeeze the excess moisture.

Cover the wireframe with damp moss, securing it with floral wire. Gently insert the succulent cuttings into the moss and use more floral wire to hold them in place.

Keep the wreath flat for a few weeks to let the succulents root, then hang and enjoy!

#2. Vertical Gardens

A vertical garden is perfect for adding greenery to small spaces or creating a stunning focal point. These green walls bring life and color to any spot, making even the tiniest nook look fab. So, stack them up and watch your garden grow up, not out!

To build a vertical succulent garden, you’ll need the following:

A quick DIY guide:

  1. Start by attaching the landscape fabric to the back of the frame or pallet using a staple gun.
  2. Fill the structure with potting soil, then plant the succulents in a visually appealing arrangement.
  3. Keep the garden flat for several weeks to allow the plants to root before mounting it vertically.

#3. Terrariums

Succulent terrariums are like a mini desert oasis you can display in your home! These cute, low-maintenance gems, nestled inside glass containers, are the ultimate combo of style and simplicity. Just grab some plump little succulents, a fancy container, and a sprinkle of creativity to create your own itty-bitty, drought-tolerant paradise. Say hello to the coolest, tiniest garden in town that’s sure to turn heads and spark some plant spiration!

You will need these things to create succulent terrariums yourself:

  • A glass container with a lid or cork (a cloche, jar, or aquarium works well)
  • Small stones or pebbles
  • Activated charcoal
  • Potting soil
  • A variety of small succulents
  • Decorative elements (optional)

A rapid DIY guide: You can begin by placing a layer of small stones or pebbles at the container’s bottom. A thin layer of activated charcoal can help prevent mold and odors, followed by a layer of potting soil.

Plant your succulents in the soil, then add any decorative elements you desire, such as small figurines, shells, or crystals.


And there you have it, folks! You’ve reached the end of this succulent adventure. With living wreaths, vertical gardens, and terrariums under your belt, you’ve officially leveled up in plant awesomeness.

So, as you bid farewell to your fantastic journey, remember to flaunt your newfound greenery with pride. Give your home or garden that extra oomph it’s been craving.

Now, go out there and spread the word about these rad DIY projects because, let’s face it, everyone deserves a little succulent magic in their lives!

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