10 Essentials for Traveling with a Baby

If you have a small baby, you know traveling can be a bit of a nightmare.

Especially if you travel on your own without any help! But there’s no need to fret. The baby product industry has had their thinking caps on for quite a while and they have figured out ways and products to make things easier for a traveling mom.

Things are made multi-purpose, lightweight and easy to clean so you don’t have to stress out over such mundane things and just enjoy the travel experience with your little one!

Here are some little helpers that will make your life a lot easier, we promise!

travelling with a baby essentials


Trunki is for older kids, but it’s a great help + it looks pretty cool, don’t you think? They can ride it so you don’t have to carry them around while moving from one flight to another. It also doubles as a toy so your child is entertained enough as you walk through your city tours.


Baby Carrier

Many airports won’t allow you to take your pram with you through security. Having a baby carrier is a big help + means free hands to carry luggage. It’s very comfortable for the baby too.


Natural cosmetics

Get them in travel size and it will be a must have! They’re easy to carry around without the burden of the extra weight. You may never know when you’ll need them so having them with you all the time is a relief.


Travel Pillow

Make sure your baby/child can sleep comfortably with a travel pillow. You’d need this during your long flights and it would be helpful to hook it around your tour bag in case you’re in for a long drive around the city. It may be too bulky to carry around but you’d thank yourself for carrying it around when you have sound sleeper beside you in the tram.


Med Kit

Essential medical kit in travel size. You never know when you’d need a band-aid or gauze. Though we never want our child to get hurt, they’re kids. You can’t help if they get too rowdy sometimes or trip or fall. Just be prepared for the smallest cuts and bruises by carrying one with you.


Travel Cot

Travel cot, can’t live without it! Some hotels can provide sleeping cots for your toddlers but some hotels don’t so it’s better to have a portable one in your luggage. This also means more space for you on the bed.


Travel Outfit

Your baby should travel in style in this stylish outfit! I’m sure he’s cute whatever he wears and is photogenic no matter what, but including a few stylish outfits for him would not hurt. At least he’d be dressed up if you have a formal night out during your vacay.


Diaper Bag

Diaper Bag with plenty of room and a changing mat. I cannot stress enough how important this is. Though you can use the Trunki, having a diaper bag is better for easier access. What if your older child does not want to give up the Trunki even for a short amount of time and you really need a clean diaper for your younger one?



Entertainment for the journey like portable shapes in a case or a set of plush toys to keep your baby entertained during long layovers and flights. The airline will only have so many toys in their arsenal. It’s better if you come prepared with your own for a variety!



This is an Airplane essential – stylish blanket. Sure, you can use the ones they lend you during the flight but you can’t bring that with you. Having something he’s already familiar with will help with his sleeping. The better and quicker he sleeps, the better and longer you sleep.


Kids Luggage

Baby Carriers

Travel Cots

Diaper Bags

So, do you have these ready for your next trip? If not, time to take out the plastic and order yours online or hit your nearest Target!

Have a great trip!


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