How To Make Your Home More Appealing To Buyers

Whether for real, face-to-face ones or COVID-safe virtual viewings, making sure your house is ready for viewing is important. Not only is it likely to make sure your property is sold much faster but could add thousands of dollars to the value.


Over the time you have lived in your home, you have probably accumulated a lot of clutter. While it might mean a lot to you, it can be off-putting to potential buyers. When preparing to sell your home, have a big declutter.

Get rid of anything you no longer want or need responsibly, or hire a storage unit to hide it all in. People want to get an idea of what the property will look like with their own items in and this can be difficult if it is full of highly personalized items. 

2Do All Those Jobs That You Keep Putting Off

We all have a long list of jobs that we keep putting off – that HVAC service, cleaning out the guttering, repairing that hole in the fence, and so on. They may not seem like top priorities if you are hoping to move soon, but they are small jobs that eagle-eyed viewers and their surveyors may pick up on.

If time or skill is limited, get the professionals on board. Hire spray foam contractors to insulate quickly and effectively, fence specialists to come and sort out your boundary fence, and a tree surgeon to cut down that huge overhanging branch. 

3Freshen Up

Giving your walls and woodwork a fresh lick of paint is a relatively simple and inexpensive thing to do, but it can work wonders when it comes to selling your house. Stay away from the bright colors – you might love having a bright purple lounge, but many people won’t. Opt for neutral colors – magnolias, pale greys, and so on, and add in your color with some carefully chosen accessories to avoid it looking soulless.

By doing this, buyers know that they can move straight in without having to worry about painting because of clashes with their furniture.

4Clean Up

No one wants to view a house that is grubby and smelly, so give it a big deep clean before viewings, concentrating on the small things like baseboards and handrails. If necessary, get a professional cleaning company in to make your house really shine – literally and metaphorically. Clean the grouting in between tiles, get rid of any limescale build-up, shine up any metal, wax any wood, and so on. It is also important to make sure it smells nice too.

Avoid using any heavily fragranced candles or room sprays – it can be overwhelming. Instead, open all the windows to let as much fresh air circulate as possible. There’s also the age-old trick of brewing some fresh coffee beforehand or baking brownies or bread for deliciously alluring yet homely smells!

These are all simple and relatively inexpensive tips that can make a huge difference to the appeal of your home to buyers and the value it could possibly get.