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Birth photos are one of my favorite photos to look at. There’s nothing more touching than a baby being born into this world. And, what’s even better is we can document the entire life-changing event now.

Many parents choose to let in a professional photographer on one of the most intimate events in their lives. To be a witness to such an event is something that photographers of a different industry will ever enjoy. That’s why birth photographers continue to do what they do and they’re expanding their market.

Yes, birth photos have been such a big hit, some hospitals have been lenient on their strict relatives only rule during the actual birth. Consequently, many moms prefer to have a home birth to avoid hassles over hospital rules.

So, we’re here to bring you a compilation of the most beautiful birth photos of 2016. Maybe this will inspire you to do the same in your next pregnancy!

1She’s All Set

It takes a lot of mental preparation for a mother to be able to give birth. That’s one of the reasons why it takes 9 months. Contractions will not help your resolve but this is one of the birth photos where a mom is firm on her resolve to see her baby.

2Beautiful Pain

Birth photographer, Vanessa Mendez, documented Oliver’s birth perfectly and in accurate detail. And, she took really great pictures on top of that. On her website, she captioned this pain-filled looking photo as, “He’s on his way.” That he was. The actual birth is very painful but it makes really beautiful birth photos.

3Strength in Weakness

It’s quite a sight to see when your husband and your other kids stick around to support you in any way they can when you’re pushing a baby out. Giving birth is exhausting as you can see in this photo, but what a memorable sight to witness her husband and son there with her.

4Pain is Gain


The screams might sound terrifying to other people, but every scream takes the expecting parents a lot closer to seeing their bundle of joy. The effort from the mother behind this effort is absolutely one of the most precious birth photos I’ve seen.

5Beautifully Crowned

Labor pains can take hours before the baby crowns. Once the baby crowns, it’ll take more or less a few more pushes before it’s over. I can only imagine the excitement of the onlookers when this baby crowned!

6All Out Support

Most of the time, movies portray the father to be a wuss when it comes to watching his wife give birth. It’s inaccurate compared to real life. Most fathers are excited to see their babies and will give all-out support to their partners. They both had a part to play in the making of the baby. In return, they both have a role to play in bringing the child into this world.

7Go, Mommy!

Nothing gets a mom pushing even harder than a cheer from one of her very own. It reminds her of why she’s going through all that pain again and that’s to bring in another joy into their lives. Go, Mommy!

8Achievement Unlocked

The smile on this mother’s face is priceless. That’s the look of achievement, success and determination only mothers will feel. Emotions such as these make birth photos even more beautiful.

9First Love

If you ask me, I would say a person’s first love is his or her mother. The moment a baby comes out of the womb, it’s always the mother who’s first to shower the baby with love.

10Pure Joy

Yes, aside from relief after the pain, there’s pure joy to be felt. And it’s amazing how birth photos can remind you of that every day for the rest of your life.

11Big Sister to Be

There’s no denying that this little girl is excited to see her younger sibling. She’s probably being a great big sister right now! Oh, how I love raw moments like this!

12Daddy’s Love

What you see in this touching photo is unchoreographed emotions and the purity of a father’s love. Not every child get’s that, but they deserve it. This baby deserves that and got just that.

13His World

He’s already got his dad wrapped around his little fingers. The magic between these relationships is not short of a miracle so unfathomable yet it exists.

14Good Job

This photo says it all. “You did it, baby! You did it!” And she did do a good job! There are no other words to describe this except that this is a family wrapped in love.

15Beauty in the Process

The human reaction would be to cringe at this picture. There’s nothing but pure warmth in our hearts thought. As crude as this photo may be, you can’t help but accept the tickle in your heart.

16As Your Own

The thought of not being able to bear children can crush any woman’s soul. However, the medical world has greatly evolved and surrogacy was made possible. Now, every woman can become a mom and experience the joy of motherhood.

17Three Become One

When three or more become one, you have a family. One of the most beautiful birth photos of last year and the perfect one to cap this post!

So, have any of these inspired you to get birth photos done in your next pregnancy?


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