slumber party ideas

I remember the first time I had a slumber party I was scared to death. I wasn’t really comfortable talking to girls or being in a crowd, but it turned out better than I expected. Holding a slumber party for your girls is such a great way for them to build friendships and lasting relationship with other girls.

The usual party goes with food, girls doing girl things, truth or dare and of course, gossiping. That’s how Hollywood portrays it to be.

But, you can seriously stay away from that stereotype for sleepovers. You can organize a pajama party for your girls to follow the usual elements sans the gossiping by filling it with other ideas.

Check out this awesome slumber party ideas list we have prepared for you!

1Matching Pajamas

slumber party ideas


Talk about #squadgoals! Coordinate with your the parents of your daughter’s friends to get matching pajamas for your girls. This eliminates scrutiny over who has the prettiest pajamas because everyone looks alike! Still, we trust that you’d pick a cute looking one, right? :)

2Build a Fort

slumber party ideas

This would be perfect for a small group of girls. Say, maybe 4 or 5 girls? This makes bedtime talks and giggles possibility endless! Even if it’s just a sleepover for your daughter and her BFF, it would be worth the trouble!

3Individual Tents

slumber party ideas


Though this may take a little bit more work than building a fort, it would be jaw-dropping for your daughter’s guests. Also, this would be a huge contributor to making the sleepover a memorable one.


slumber party ideas


Aesthetics are important to the perfect slumber party. Glam it up with lots of sparkles, lights, and glitters. I personally love this glittery balloon idea – very girly and very glamorous!

Learn how to make it here.

5Have a Movie Area

slumber party ideas

One of the must-have slumber party ideas is to play a movie all your guests would enjoy. Whether it’s a chick flick for your young ladies or a cartoon for your little girls, a movie is a good way to kill time.

Providing the right environment for it helps keep them comfortable in one room.

6Have a Theme

slumber party ideas

Your girls will be more excited if you have a theme that they could dress up for. You can have a Disney princess theme, a safari theme or even a rainbow colored theme. See what they like in common and go from there.

7Sprinkled Milk Glasses

slumber party ideas

For sure you’re going to serve milk and cookies sometime during the night. Vamp up the simple combination by linking the milk glasses with sprinkles! Your girls are going to think they’re getting a special treat when all it really is is a glass of milk!

See how to do this here.

8Hot Chocolate Station

slumber party ideas

If you’re having a slumber party during the winter or the Christmas season, then this will be one of your favorite slumber party ideas. Who would not enjoy a hot chocolate station?

Candy canes for stirrers, marshmallows to garnish and fresh hot chocolate to warm you up at night! Your kids will surely enjoy this feature!

9Smores Kit

slumber party ideas

Have a personalized smores kit for each of your guest with their names on the tag. Make smores together indoors. No doubt an activity the kids will love!

10Movie Snack Bar

slumber party ideas

An easy snack bar accessible during your movie time would keep your kids calm. They can put their own popcorn bag together with the topping choices you provide. Fun, right? :)

11Make Your Own Sundae

slumber party ideas

If you don’t get squeals after revealing this slumber party activity, I don’t know what will. Oh, yes. Kids would so dig this. But, let me warn you. Sugar rush!

So, include this in your slumber party ideas at your own risk.

12Cereal Bar

slumber party ideas

Make sure the excitement doesn’t die until the slumber party ends with a wide spread of cereals for your little guests to choose from. Include all their favorite kinds and you can even include some fruits, donuts and flavored milk to the mix!

13Waffle Bar

slumber party ideas

As much as your girls would enjoy making their own sundaes, they would equally enjoy making their own waffles. Provide the works: whipped cream, syrup, berries, fudge sauce and chocolate droplets!

14Make Glow in the Dark Lanterns

slumber party ideas

We always knew glow in the dark paint would be a hit. Imagine the surprise your girls will get when you bid them goodnight and turn off the lights!

Inspiration here.

15Mini Spa Activity

slumber party ideas

Little girls always want to do what grown women do – that includes going to the spa. They may be too young, but you can include a mini spa activity during the sleepover. It doesn’t take much. Just buy a face scrub that isn’t harsh on young skin, cut up some cucumbers, provide bathrobes and you’re all set!

16Goody Bags

slumber party ideas

Of course, it would be sad if your little guests leave empty-handed the following morning. Pack up a nice goody bag little divas would love. Include eye covers, lipgloss, nail polish and other things a girl would like in a pamper kit!

Are you ready?

We’ve presented you with more than 15 slumber party ideas to help you with your grand planning.

So, go ahead and pick up your notepad and get planning. Look forward to a party your girls will remember for life!

Do you have any slumber party ideas you’d like to share? Let us know in a comment below!