33+ Stylish Hippie Hairstyles You Can Try Today

Are you in love with hippie hairstyles? Do you want to try one of them yourself?

Whether you adore the afro look, beads in your hair, or even dreadlocks, we have compiled the ultimate list of the most gorgeous hippier hairstyles to inspire your next makeover.

From free, romantic waves with shaggy bangs to volume hairstyles with tin braids, and hair accessories – there are so many ways to pull off the hippie looks. There is something magical in the hair trends from the ’70s and its hippie movement, and it is not a secret they look up to date and bring so much charm and spirit.

Mainly the hippie hairstyles focus on long down hair, sunkissed shades, and not least hair accessories, such as scarfs, delicate headbands, hair jewellery, flowers, floppy hats, slouch beanie, suede outback, or cabby. And everything mixed in tiny tails, braids, and buns.

These days, the hairstyle makes an appearance at music festivals, parties and all around in the summer months.

If you would like to try one of the looks yourself, below is a roundup of some of the best examples of hippie hairstyles you can recreate at home, including a simple video tutorial below.


Hippie Hairstyles: Video Tutorial

Check out this tutorial for hippie hairstyles by Love Hair.

YouTube video

Fun Hippie Hairstyles You Can Try Today

It is almost summertime and the festival season is here! Celebrate it with any of these fun hippie hairstyles and hit the beach!

If you need more hairstyle inspirations do not forget to check out our dedicated Pinterest board.

1. Mix of Braids on Long Hair

A braided halo with a combination of a single tin braid gives you a romantic look that will certainly turn heads. Perfect for the summer or for your next party.

hippie hairstyles
source: IG/ jamienkidd

2. Long Straight Hair

Very simple hairstyle for straight thinner hair which adds a touch of personality without spending hours playing with your hair. A statement accessory is all you need.

hippie hairstyles
source: IG/ birdsofafeatherstudio

3. Braided Halo

A combination of two braids makes the perfect crown hairstyles, that no festival goer would be ashamed of. This hairstyle would also look perfect if you’re attending a wedding.

hippie hairstyles
source: stylishwife.com

4. Braided Daisies

Flowers are an essential part of the hippie lifestyle, and they shouldn’t be missing from your hair either. If you don’t want to do a flower crown, you can add a few to your braids for a more low key look.

hippie hairstyles
source: IG/ larinabeauty

5. Straight Hairstyle With a Side Braid

Beautiful French-sided braid – while it’s not easy to execute, the results certainly look amazing. You can elevate it further by adding some fresh flowers.

hippie hairstyles
source: IG/ braidsbyfrida

6. Loose Fishtail Hairstyle

A romantic mermaid twist in a combination of two-sided tin braids.

hippie hairstyles
source: iG/ slabieva_hairmaster

7. Braided Half Top Knot

Make your half-up unique with a few loose thin braids. A very simple hairstyles that’s easy to do at home.

hippie hairstyles
source: IG/ _theparlour_

8. Half-Up Knot With Rings

Elevate a simple half up-do with a few custom hair accessories.

hippie hairstyles
source: IG/ slabieva_hairmaster

9. Top Knot and Loose Waves

Instagram inspired hippie hairstyle that looks amazing on anyone.

hippie hairstyles
source: IG/ catherine_spb

10. Straight Low Ponytail with Braids

Elegant hippie hairstyle with thin box braids.

hippie hairstyles
source: IG/ slabieva_hairmaster

11. Braided Wavy Halo

How beautiful is this one? Two braids that make up a wide crown, complemented by wavy long hair – just stunning.

hippie hairstyles
source: IG/ slabieva_hairmaste

12. Sparkling Bees

Keep things simple yet on trend – add some quirky accessories to a simple braided hairstyle to turn it from ordinary to hippie.

hippie hairstyles
source: IG/ karinaupdo

13. Flower Power Headband Style

No hippie hairstyle is complete without flowers – in this case a whole garden of them.

hippie hairstyles
source: Pinterest/ KennedyMarrrie

14. Bandana Hairstyle

It is chic, funk, and at the same time a great way to protect your hair from the sun.

hippie hairstyles

15. Dutch Hippie Braids

Another beautiful way to use flowers to add some personality to a simple hairstyle.

hippie hairstyles
source: IG/tressesbytress/

16. Space Buns

Get those strands of hair under control with these space buns hairstyle – super popular especially on Instagram.

hippie hairstyles

17. Game of Thrones Hippie Hairstyle

Make sure you have a statement piece of hair jewelry that will elevate your hippie hairstyle.

hippie hairstyles
source: IG/ hairbykaitlynbrown

18. Dutch Pigtails

Do you have a bit more time to play with? These Dutch pigtails may require a bit of practice to master, but they look super stylish.

hippie hairstyles
source: IG/ inayetcakir13

19. Messy Ponytail

No time left? If you’re in a rush and need an effortless hairstyle, a simple scarf will make wonders.

hippie hairstyles

20. Mermaid Braids

Hippie hairstyles complete the perfect street style.

hippie hairstyles

21. Wavy Hair

Romantic braided halo under cool hippie hat.

hippie hairstyles

22. Thin Side Braid with Bun

Add a small braid to turn a plain half bun into a hippie hairstyle instantly.

hippie hairstyles

23. Box Braids

Coachella’s favorite hairstyle- bohemian box braids.

hippie hairstyles

24. Half Up Hairstyle

Elegant yet edge, this hairstyle has them both.

hippie hairstyles

25. Scarf Hairstyle

Ideal summer hairstyle, especially when you are on the beach.

hippie hairstyles

26. Hippie Headbands

A simple headband on loose hair – a timeless hippie look that never goes out of style.

hippie hairstyles

27. Hippie Scarf

Scarfs are a great way to make a statement hairdo.

hippie hairstyles

28. Braids with Attitude

Got a lot of hair? Make it count!

hippie hairstyles

29. Loose Hippie Hair with Braids

Go big and bold, or go home.

hippie hairstyles braids

30. Long Braids

Simple long strand braid with messy top.

hippie hairstyles 1

31. Hippie Loose Braids

If you want a lot of texture and curls in your hair, this look would be perfect for you.

hippie hairstyles 2

32. Short Hippie Hair

Even short hair will look hippie and on trend with a side braid.

hippie hairstyles short

33. Undone Hippie Loose Hair

Keep it simple, wavy and with a hat.

hippie hairstyles undone

34. Modern Hippier Style

Experiment with color to make your hippie hairstyle more personalized.

hippie hairstyles modern

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