13 Fun Things To Do On A Rainy Day At Home

When the fall paints the trees in its bright, beautiful colors and the wind brings the rainy clouds around it is time to stay home.

Of course, staying home on a rainy day might seem like fun. Especially when there are a few kids around. Do not even imagine reading a restful book on the couch in the picture.

So, if you want to skip complaints and insane screaming on a rainy day at home, get ready for a pillow fight, hide and seek, or some crafty DIY projects.

Because the rainy day at home is not boring anymore with these 13 fun things to do!

13 Fun Things to do on a Rainy Day

Time For Cookies

13 Fun Things To Do On A Rainy Day At Home

Kids love cookies.

Use this hint to keep them busy for almost all of the day.

Help them with the cookie dough, give them different shapes and cookies decoration, and treat yourself with a mug of a latte.

Movie Marathon

Rainy days are ideal for a movie marathon. Set up a title list and choose some of the best family movies.

All you need to do is to make the popcorn and find a seat on the sofa.

Organize A Dance Competition

Show off your dancing moves. Probably the funniest rainy day home activities.

Turn the music on and just dance like no one is watching you. You can even set up a dance competition similar to “Dancing with the stars”.

Make A Homemade Play Dough

All kids have fun playing with it.

Make them happier with homemade play-dough.

Give them rolling pins and cookie shapes, and watch their imagination and creativity skills.

Home Treasure Hunt

The treasure hunt is great even indoors. It is a great activity to make the kids move and entirely concentrate on the game.

Yes, you will have some time for yourself, but at what price? Sometimes a game like this could make the house upside down and you will need to set everything back to order.


Wake up your kid’s imagination and set the painting tripod. You can easily find plenty of coloring printables that your kids will love.

Play A Board Game

The old board games are back on the track. From Monopoly to Scrabble. Fun games that develop kids thinking and strategy.

It Is Puzzle Time

Today’s puzzles are so obsessing even for the grown-ups. 3D shapes, famous landmarks, and even paintings of the most famous artist.

Have A Tea Party

Little girl’s favorite indoor game. They will organize everyone in a minute for their tea party.

So, do not be surprised if you see your husband dressed in a tutu dress holding a tiny punk cup of tea.

Create An Indoor Obstacle Course

Another great idea for a rainy day at home. You will need some extra time while pointing on the obstacles and again there is a slight possibility to find the house messy after.

But at least the kids would be happy and will enjoy the idea.

DIY Origami For Kids

A crafty project for the whole family. This Japanese art of Origami is a creative way to teach your kids to pay attention to details and be more precise.

Indoor Camping

13 Fun Things To Do On A Rainy day At Home 1

Lie down the teepee in the living room or on the porch. Use some tea candles and get the s’mores ready. A wonderful indoor camping idea.

Make a Homemade Pizza

When you say “pizza” you will grab the kid’s attention immediately.

But when you let them make their own pizza their excitement will reach the Moon.

13 Fun Things To Do On A Rainy Day At Home

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