Wondering how to spend the family weekend? What about Smores party? Sound delicious, doesn’t it?

And it is one of the coolest party ideas for kids celebration or just for family fun.

The (S’more) party could be even cooler if you decide to add a specific theme. So let’s light the fire and the S’more party begins!

1Smores Bar

Looking for something you can set up in the rush this is the best idea. All you need enough marshmallows, crackers and chocolate. Don’t forget to light the fire and bring all of your gang around it.

2DIY Fireplace For S’mores

Don’t have a fireplace in your yard? Do not think you can have a smores party. Simply use Sterno cans (ethanol gel Sterno cans) to set the fire on and start experiment with tasty flavours marshmallows and crackers.

3Smores Popsicles

The ultimate dessert for a hot summer weekend- frozen s’mores. We all love the combination of ice cream, chocolate and marshmallows.

4Smores Birthday Party


There is nothing better than a birthday with s’mores and a s’mores cake.

5Smores Frozen Popsicles

All kids love popsicles but when they are a smores everything is more than fanatstic. Absolutely necessary treats for each party.

6Mix and Match

Kids like to experiment. Place different flavours of crackers, chocolate, peanut butter and marshmallows and leave them to find the taste they liked the most.

7Add Flavours To Your Smores Party

Your smores party could be a little bit different if you add some other flavours. Try it with fruits, sprinkles and nuts. Your kids and guests will love the idea.

8A Smores Box

We should admit that the idea for a smores box is simply fantastic! Even your party has a different theme these cute boxes will make your guests happy.

9A Fancy Smores

Smores party could be really fancy and glossy. No matter if it is for a birthday or just to have a wonderful time with friends one thing is sure- the kids would be extremely happy.

Ready for the weekend? Grab the sticks and do smores!

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