10 Brilliant Baby Shower Themes

Looking for inspiration for your baby shower?

Or are you organizing one for a friend? You’re at the right address!

We all know how hard it can be to organize or plan a baby shower that’s out of the ordinary. You don’t want your baby shower to be like every other simple baby shower. As a matter of fact, many mothers center their showers on a certain theme much like how birthday parties and weddings go.

Do you already have a theme in mind or are you still looking?

Here are the 10 trending themes for baby showers, almost all gender-neutral and easy to pull off with minimal effort. Which one is your favorite?

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1. Welcome to the World

Simple yet effective. Featuring fresh flowers, opt for neutral tones or chose ones according to baby’s gender. Naked cakes are a thing of a trend right now and you can only see why! They’re very simple yet uber elegant. The neutral tones will make it easy for you to make it gender appropriate

Naked cakes are a thing of a trend right now and you can only see why! They’re very simple yet uber elegant. The neutral tones will make it easy for you to make it gender appropriate.

Click on the image for more photos for inspiration. By Style Me Pretty

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2. Apple of our Eyes

Great neutral baby shower theme, featuring apples of course! There will be enough left for an apple pie once it’s all over! Great theme for a limited budget party. By

The set may look very elaborate but it’s totally up to you how far you want to extend your look and your pocket, of course. This theme only shows how much you can do with only a certain number of elements and at the same time, you can go all out without having to try to find your wits in the midst of all the different elements.

The green and brown make a perfect neutral motif for either a boy or a girl. If you don’t want a gender reveal during your baby shower, this a great way to go.

By Kara’s Party Ideas


3. The Force is Strong with This One

Star Wars baby shower? Why not! You might be the first one with this original idea. Featuring Yoda Soda of course!

If you’re the Star Wars fan, you can totally make this theme fit your future Luke Skywalker or Princess Leia. And, if your friends are into the same sci-fi stuff, they will totally dig this theme and have a great time!

By Style Me Pretty.


4. Life / Space Invader

Great for a gender-neutral baby shower, featuring space invasion by your baby!

If you’ve seen the Pixels movie, you’d realize the endless possibilities of this theme. You can even incorporate some of the other famous arcade games!

By Jesi Haak Design


5. Shake & Rattle

Great for a boy’s baby shower, if you don’t want to go for the usual nautical / navy/ car/ sailboats theme.

Though it seems very basic, the theme is perfect for a minimal effect and outright simplicity. You can spend less on your theme and more on your food and drinks which basically are the main reasons why guests enjoy!

By Bloom Design

baby shower themes

6. Game of Thrones

This may be the coolest baby shower theme we’ve seen in a long time! Take a bit more effort to pull it off, but it will be well worth it!

I am a die-hard GOT fan and I would not even mind dressing up as the Mother of Dragons and have my husband dress like Khal Drogo for this event. It might seem dorky but who cares?! Its Game of Thrones!

More pictures at Inspired by This

baby shower themes

7. Let the Nesting Begin

Everything feathery and cute works for this theme!

It’s very feminine and delicate which is perfect for welcoming your little girl.

baby shower themes

8. Missing Piece of the Puzzle

It’s your baby of course! Featuring puzzles everywhere, including the cake!

Your guests’ kids will have tons of fun figuring out puzzles and putting them together. True to it’s meaning, your awaitied child is the missing puzzle to your perfect family!

Get a picture of the mommy printed as a puzzle and include it in games. By Grey Grey Design

baby shower themes

9. Happy Campers

Great theme for an outdoor baby shower!

There are so many elements you can play around with. You can have a campfire, smores and sings songs or even turn it into an overnight shower by camping out!

Your food choices are also through the roof! Imagine pretzels as sticks and crushed Oreos as dirt. You just gotta get creative!


10. Baby’s First Library

Build your baby’s first library at your baby shower. Ask guests to bring a baby book, add a few words of wisdom for the baby. You can also try some games involving books – trivia and similar.

By the end of the shower, you’d have a mini library to plan on building. Your food, decors, and giveaways can be centered around your favorite children’s books. Also, you can send out a book list with your invites so your guests would know what books you’re looking for!

baby shower themes

So, have you decided on a theme among these choices? Don’t be confined to these baby shower themes.

There are plenty of baby shower themes online so scour Pinterest for the one you like the best. After all, this is for you and your baby. Celebrate it the way you think is best and most fitting for you.

All we do is help you get started especially if you’re stumped on ideas.

Have an awesome baby shower!

Ever thrown a baby shower? What baby shower themes have you used? Let us know with a comment below!

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