30 Cool Goth Hairstyles Trending This Year

If you’re into goth hairstyles, you know there are so many variations in hair colors, hair cuts and accessories you can use.

But goth hairstyles are not limited just to dark colors and vampire style haircuts – there is so much more to explore. That’s why we thought we will put together a little roundup, to give you lots of inspiration if you’re looking for your next makeover.

Be ready for feminine, colorful, and romantic goth hairstyle ideas that will make you change your hairdo right away. We have selected goth hairstyles from white, and ashy blonde to hot colors of flames. There are sweet pink cotton candy hairstyles combined with cool goth hair accessories that will blow your mind.

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Cool Goth Hairstyles

Goth hairstyles are the perfect solution to make everyone turn after you. In a combination of piercing, tattoos, and solid gothic accessories there is no way to stay in shadow no matter where you are going.

One of the most popular goth hairstyles include:

  • Slicked Back Hair
  • Micro Fringe
  • Sleek Pony
  • Accented Twists
  • Messy Bob
  • Beehive
  • Fishtail Crown Braids
  • Messy Top Knot

1. Beehive Style Goth Hairstyle

Dark eye makeup matched with XXL oversized bun is a stylish yet edge look anyone can pull off.

Goth Hairstyles 29

2. Sky Blue Lolita

If you don’t like dark and gloomy gothic hairstyles, this option is full of color and will certainly stand out in the crowd.

Goth Hairstyles

3. Pink Braids

A statement lipstick paired with pretty ombre pink braids is a winning combination in our books.

Goth Hairstyles
source: IG @norelle.k

4. A Punch of Color

Time for a new haircut? This style will definitely turn heads!

goth hairstyles
Instagram estebannault

5. Lilac Double Buns

Space buns in a goth style never looked this good!

Goth Hairstyles
source: IG @rightmew

6. Games of Throne Braids

Long hair looks absolutely fabulous with this hair styles, especially when paired with this color.

Goth Hairstyles
source: IG @mirana hedman

7. Sunrise Hair

If you need something a bit more edgy, reach for the bright orange hair dye and short haircut.

goth hairstyles 1
Instagram peytonmuurderhair

8. Galaxy Blue Hair

Simple galaxy blue hairstyle with signature eyeliner makeup.

goth hairstyles 2
Instagram galaxy.rain_

9. Neon Green

A shade of neon green will brighten up anyone’s day.

goth hairstyles 3
Instagram morganadahlia

10. Purple Double Buns

Neat space buns look pretty spectacular paired with this purple hair color.

Goth Hairstyles

11. Rasta Hairstyle

Dreadlocks with a touch of color.

Goth Hairstyles

12. Emerald Ombre

Ask your stylish to create this gorgeous ombre look – it works for any hair length and you can choose any color that pairs well with black natural hair.

Goth Hairstyles

13. White Blonde Buns

A complete look with a very simple hairstyle.

Goth Hairstyles

14. Ashy Lilac Double Twisted Buns

A touch of temporary lilac color will bring your buns to life.

Goth Hairstyles

15. Ash Ombre

Another trending ombre hair that pairs really well with black makeup.

Goth Hairstyles

16. Half Black Half Gray Hair

Half split hair is making a comeback and any stylist will be excited to create this look for you at the salon.

Goth Hairstyles

17. Mermaid Blue

You don’t have to opt for black or neon colors for your hair, this mermaid blue look spectacular too!

Goth Hairstyles

18. Goth Flame Hair

Set your hair on fire with this edge hair color and fringe.

Goth Hairstyles
source: twitter @gothpleasures

19. Coachella Hair

Hair extensions are a great way to achieve a unique look, without the need to visit a hair salon.

Goth Hairstyles
source: IG @hairwithlinda

20. Corset Inspired Hair

How pretty and original is this hairstyle?

Goth Hairstyles
source: IG @artistic.aestheticss

21. Adams Family Inspired Pig Tails

Nope, not just for Halloween.

Goth Hairstyles
source: Rupert Laycock

22. Red Violet Goth Hair

Pretty in violet.

Goth Hairstyles
source: Reddit @kinkykath_

23. Unicorn Hair

Show them your softer side with unicorn hair.

Goth Hairstyles
source: lovehairstyles.com

24. Fire Ombre

Hair in the colors of the sunset.

Goth Hairstyles

25. Red Bubble Braids

Goth Hairstyles
source: IG @makeupbysamanthaharvey

26. Black with Blonde Highlights

Goth Hairstyles

27. Strawberry Goth Hairstyle

Goth Hairstyles
source: IG @trxsh.baby

28. Long Pink Hair with Waves

Goth Hairstyles
source: Pinterest @VigorosuBeauty HAIR

29. Micro Fringe

Goth Hairstyles 30
source: Pinterest @nikkileighpozo

30. Straight Cut Fringe

goth hairstyles 4
Instagram batty_bizarre

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