35+ Easy Origami for Kids with Instructions

Looking for easy origami for kids to keep them busy during the weekend, or to provoke their creativity?

Origami is a fun and educational activity for the whole family, not just kids.

Best of all, what you need is really just some colored paper and patience. No matter what age your kids are, we can guarantee they will love crafting animals, flowers, bookmarks, and other works of art from a piece of paper.

If you want a bit of inspiration for an easy origami to do with kids, we picked our favorites from Pinterest – alternatively, you can also buy a whole book for an endless source of inspiration.

We have listed each origami creation with a link to original instructions or the step by step instructions can be found directly in the image.

Have fun and don’t forget to show off your creations!

Cute Buterfly


These beautiful butterflies are great for a 3D decoration on the wall or door. Your kids will be happy to decor their room with self-crafted accents.

Origami Jumping Frog

Instructions here.

Kids simply love to play and create new games. These paper origami frogs are next favourite and fun games they would love to play with.

Origami Bookmark

Instructions here.

A perfect way to make your kids read more. They will be happy to create these bookmarks in a colour they love. And of course, to mark their books with.

Origami Elephants

Instructions here.

If you need the inspiration to start an origami with your kids, simply try with ready to use origami printables. There a lot of variations as size, shape and colours. Simply, easy and kids will be happy from the results.

Superhero Craft

Instructions here.

It is not a secret that many kids love superheroes. Boys and girls are just crazy about them. Perfect idea to wake up their imagination and to create their favourite superhero.

Elephant Corner Bookmark

Instructions here.

Another funny origami idea with these elephnat bookmarks. The great thing about them is that they are not so easy to be lost

Father’s Day Shirts

Instructions here.

Perfect tip for a Father’s Day self-crafted gift. Your kids could create origami shirts. As inspiration you could give them some of their dad’s shirts and simply use them as a sample. Everyone would be amazed by the final result.

Autumn Leaf Garland

Instructions here.

Need a decoration for a celebration or a holiday season. Let your kids do it with these beautiful autumn leaves origami.

Origami Hearts

Instructions below.

This origami could be a St. Valentine’s day decoration or simply to say “I love you”

Origami Bunny

Instructions here.

Kids love bunnies in all sizes and these little origami bunnies will make them smile.

Origami Egg Cups

Instructions here.

A wonderful idea for Easter or just to make their breakfast funnier. Origami egg holder is easy to make and very usefull.

Bat Cupcake Topper

Instructions here.

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? One thing is sure, the kids do adore them. Not only because of the taste but because of the decoration. They will be amazed of these bat cupcake toppers. You remember the superheroes, don’t you?

Origami Elephant Step by Step

Instructions below.

Another elephant origami idea in 3D.

When you sign up!

Nordic Origami Stars

Instructions here.

Origami stars could be a wonderful way to decor a party or simply to add a nordic accent in your home atmosphere.

Origami Envelopes

Instructions here.

Ideal for a gift and surprise. Beautiful and handmade, a really nice personal touch to any present.

Sea Horse Origami Step by Step

If your theme party is Sea World, these sea horses origami are great activity for the kids.

Origami Succulents

Instructions & video here.

Tiny and beautiful suculents are really easy to grow at home. But have you tried to make one as an origami. Now you have a chance to show your skills.

Origami Mouse

Instructions here.

Paper origami mouse is cute and won’t steal your cheese. Try to make a paper Jerry with these mouse origami for kids.

Crab Origami Step by Step


Little red paper crabs will be a joyful addition to the decor of your Ariel the mermaid theme party.

Pokeball Box

Instructions here.

Make your little Pokemon a wonderful box and play all day long.

Origami Paper Tulips

Institutions here.

Great way to celebrate the Spring. Make a workshop with your kids and decor the porch with these lovely tulips origami.

Penguin Origami Step by Step

Happy feets and happy litlle pinguins will make your little ones very happy.

Origami Fox

Instructions here.

Christmas Stars Origami

Instructions here.

Snake Origami Step by Step

Bunny Baskets

Instructions here.

Another great way to decore your Easter table and organize the kids in creative activity while you are cooking.

Bunny Rabbit

Instructions here.

Bird Origami Step by Step

Origami Whale

Tutorial & video here.

Origami Giraffes

Instructions here.

Origami Dragon

Instructions here.

Origami Hedgehog

Instructions here.

Step by Step Simple Fox

Simple Origami for Smaller Kids

Instructions here.

This origami is suitable for very little ones. It is extremely easy to craft and teach them to use the colour pencils.

Easy Pencil Origami

Instructions here.

Simple Fish Origami

Instructions here.

Easy Origami Cats

Instructions here.

Origami Robots

Instructions here.

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